Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello!! Did you miss me? See, I have been into hiding! Just came out to take a breather. Did you just say “why”? What an imbecile query!! I am a “girl” silly!

Lo! One word and all your queries are put to rest.

 After all you know that it’s an unwritten rule that either I am not allowed to take my first breath or I am mollycoddled to death. I don’t get my fair share of fresh air either way! Wait! Am I even allowed to say fair? I am pretty sure that I am lucky enough to be born or is it the unlucky part? Oh God! I am not so sure anymore! Let’s talk about something else.

 How impolite I am! I didn't even introduce myself! You have to contend yourself with a name because even I have been searching for an identity. We can discuss this later if you want. Ummm.. So what should I tell you about me that you can identify me with?

Ohh!! I know just the thing. Let’s talk about the religion I practise: humanity. Strange as it may sound but that’s the truth. I know there are few takers for this because you see it takes all the fun out of being able to participate in mindless fanaticism! Moreover, even though I belong to the largest minority, I don’t get any reservations! Sigh!!

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To think about it, I may have to live this mundane life forever until of course you try to proselytize me and help me out of this absurd religion. I am too docile, too compliant, too foolish. My life is not my own. I am somewhat like inanimate property that needs to be protected. That’s the only reason people are so militant about protecting “their women”.

 You see, it is a nationally established fact that I have no mind of my own. So, I might have chosen the wrong way of life for me. But you know what? My religion has never let me down and has helped me lead a peaceful life because well! nobody ever forgets kind words, helping hand and gentle smiles and that’s all my religion has ever taught me. Yes! I know it’s bad and I need to distance myself from this! But it feels bad for this is what I have believed in since forever!!

Psst..Pssst…Don’t tell anybody. But as I am telling you everything, I might just as well tell you about an absurd notion that I have harbored for so long. I thing all these floods and calamities are happening because your Gods are crying tears of happiness because you are constantly fighting to increase the number of their devotees.

So thoughtful of you! It makes me feel so belittled! You are doing so much for your religion and me??

Well!! I have had enough for this. I am ready to follow whatever you ask me to:
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism?

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See! It’s not more than a horizontal alphabetical list for me. These appear all the same to me as a means to achieve love, laughter and bliss in my life.

Don’t give me those looks! I had already told you how foolish I am. So, I need you to talk some sense into me and choose wisely!

So, please do tell me when you have taken the right decision for me. I am so tired of this nugatory existence of mine. And of course, I don’t want to go back into hiding. I will meet you right here at the crossroads whenever you have made up your mind.


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