Sunday, May 12, 2019


“Watch this content for free! Lettuce free on the purchase of fresh vegetables and groceries. Pay 20% less and get some medicines free! It’s our anniversary month; get a pedicure free! Shop with us for Rs. 4999 only to get free vouchers! Pay for three and get a ride free! A burger on burger, free!”

Oof! I am confused now. So many freebies to chose from, calculate and prioritize. Someone is strategizing our every move for free!

I am not sure but lately, I have started feeling that these strategizing marketing bots are costing me a lot. I am eating more for freebies, sitting in a salon only to order cold storage items for free, travelling more and dressing up more to avail all the vouchers. Last but not the least, taking less rest (which is free in the comfort of my home) and popping more pills to rest my body at a cost. I am at the rescue of machine’s advice, for free, when my mind forbids me from taking human advice even for free. Am I part of a vicious circle, for free?

In a nutshell, I have formed an opinion now that all these inessential options are not for free!! Seasonal discounts are now replaced by all-time raining concessions to lure my heart and numb my mind. Precarious topics cloaked by superficial matters are drawing my attention, for free. Stay with me if you somewhat agree.

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I am now thinking about air, umm, which is free, but I’m not concerned. Water, at a marginal cost, not free, but India is already drying up and might follow South Africa’s postponed Day Zero too soon. Mother Earth presents us with nature in abundance for free, but my eyes miss it for they are glued to the digital devices which consume data, at a nominal fee.Since my head is bowed down to a 5 inches screen and the neck tweaks if I look upwards, I am missing out on the bird watching and spectacular hues of the sky which are actually free. Before an unbearable cost-model is launched for renewable sources of energy, i.e., fresh air, water, and soil, I think it is time to pause, reckon and prioritize my freebies.

Do you foresee a situation wherein I’ll be given free pure air or free unpolluted water in case I make judicious usage and decisions? Can some free time added to my lifespan that I can spend without running in a nowhere mad race? Could heart and brain smile together for once? Could hugs, probably from grizzly bears (as humans tend to go virtual) bring all the missing warmth, for free? Could someone concoct bedtime stories for me without judging my preferences, for free.?

On a liberal note if I may, things that I really love for free these days are the hearty laughs in the park and the elderly clapping, to maintain their fine blood circulation. In my heart, it feels as if they are applauding me, prodding me to go on and live my freedom in the free atmosphere. Concurrently, my mind encourages me to jog more, to ultimately accomplish my digitally controlled health goals. I love it when my friend calls me for no purpose, curses me for not giving her time as my “free time” is occupied by futile freebies.

I think it’s time to rest my itchy fingers and assess the freebies on my phalanges!!

Meanwhile, do share your freebies list here.

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“Watch this content for free! Lettuce free on the purchase of fresh vegetables and groceries. Pay 20% less and get some medicines fre...