Saturday, May 16, 2015


I know TRAI and saffron brigade have been in headlines for quite a long time now concerning the topic of Net-neutrality. And journos are not leaving any stone unturned to make news out of it and keep the viewers abreast of all the apropos content. Let me envisage the news picks that we would be savouring in case the million mails received by TRAI do not receive a unilateral answer in response.

Here are a few from my palate :

* No choice of VOIP : Turns out to be positive for all those nerds glued to their PCs or may be few ones like me ;). The meetings and conferences stand cancelled since many employees voted for net-neutrality and this has in turn put the employer's work in jeopardy.

* Online launch of a famous 'Khan and Khan Returns' movie was paralysed since the cast of the movie had written to TRAI demanding Net neutrality.

* A-MAZ(E)-ON or A-BAY has been recommended to change their tagline to 'HAVE A BIGGER HEART AND POCKET to shop for everything you love/imagine'.

* Fight over the blue ticks : Lawsuits being filed in the court of law by couples since the spouse missed a 'miss you' message as he/she had supported net neutrality. ****, Watsupp??

* This one is creating swirls! People literally get to 'hangout' together as they are not allowed to send vibes over the sky(pe) freely.

* According to the Depressometer survey, the percentage of youngsters drowning into depression has reduced since they get less chance to stalk and think about those who might have crushed them. However, the cricket and news maniacs are going crazy and helter-skelter as they miss the regular feeds , I mean the other social bird's tweets.

* The Box, Cloud, Drives etc. await to be addressed for the rotting yottabytes of data.

* PASCAL could neither board the RUBY-ON-RAILS nor bestride the mighty HADOOP. The dorks could not get together in a HIVE and reach their GOAL. Its SNOWBALLing SPARK and could turn out to be bloody RED soon. Did you really understand this rubric?? As I am a technical jerk myself, its easy for me to draft this caption ;). To be precise, there would be very less or no participation in online coding contestations or for that matter other forms of vying since the coder's principle BASIS had been Net-neutrality. 

* Not to forget the accumulated wise journals, thesis, scholarly articles, virtual universities breathing on the Net urging for neutrality so that they could help those naive young people to sharpen their know-how.

* Since crowdsourcing went belly-up, a horde of entrepreneurs are on a hunger strike at Leela Maidan as their belly is bubbling with ideas.

Courtesy : Google Images

If you too have some luscious exposé, here's a chance for disclosure!!

I put my itchy fingers to slumber, lest I loose my pie of net neutrality and you also lose the chance to report!!


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