Saturday, July 19, 2014


This is a reminiscence of my short trip to Ahemdabad. It was a pleasant morning and I woke up at 6:00 a.m. as I had to go for a guided Heritage Walk with my friends. We hired a cab to reach Swaminarayan Mandir from where the tour had to begin. Awestruck by its radiance and grandeur, we passed through various havelis, temples, pols and finally reached the Jama Masjid. The mosque had a large courtyard with a picturesque view. We thought of capturing our moments, but suddenly dawn turned into dusk, dark clouds thundered, dusty winds blew and trees twisted as per breeze’s choreography. It was clear indication of a squall and Lord Indra’s desire to use his weapon ‘Vajra’ to quench the thirst of Mother Earth and satiate her. Yes! It was time for first spell of rains and of course the moment it began, it brought a characteristic scent along with it.

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It was only after inhaling this scent that I realized this is the fragrance that I have longed for since my nonage. How I wished I could trap this scent into a bottle. I recalled my childhood days when I used to deploy all the super powers of my nose to smell and retain (exaggerated!!!) the fragrance of rain on dry earth. I remembered the times when unconsciously I used to crane my neck and peep outside the window in classrooms waiting for the gardener to water the plants just to sniff the perfume. Also, how my friend used to cover my nose so that I don’t smell her share of the aroma. Even the fear of heavy downpour and muddy puddles wouldn’t deter me from peeping outside the window of my school bus and feel the mizzle’s scent.

If I now recollect, sometimes I even used to try to replicate the uniqueness of this aroma by watering the plants or the pads of desert cooler. Even the mopping of floor after a thunderstorm has this lovely odour to it, which I think that crazy, maniac people like me are whacky enough to notice!!! Do comment if your acts are in resonance with these impish activities of mine.

Aah!! It’s overcast and I can hear the rain pelting on the roof of my house!! Seems it’s time for me to rest my itchy fingers and experience the distinctive scent ,“The Petrichor”, i.e. the scent of rain after a long warm spell, as it’s called in Greek mythology. I believe these are mere words trying to define a perfect mix of mellifluous and super fresh fragrance with a certain edge to it : something beyond their scope. I just hope Godrej aer could provide a way so that this whiff could metamorphose into an everlasting perfume. After all, who wouldn’t like to wear a freshening scent with an attractive tinge to it?

I can sense it already and feel like humming :
I just want to trap this scent
For it makes me go mad
If it comes in the market
Trust me it’ll be “The New Fad”!!!!!


  1. oh yes the aroma when a parched mother earth has the first few drops of rain ..

    now just the thought of it makes me want t ocome back home to my village ..


  2. Yes Bikram! It's just amazing :)


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