Thursday, November 9, 2017


I notice a guy from the corner of my eye every morning when I go for a jog. He always looks confident with a great gymming outfit. He looks ready to take a leap of faith, catch the airborne basketball and score for his team. I can almost feel the hunger in his eyes. 

However, with my mundane office routine that follows I completely forget about how's and what's of the visuals with which my day had begun. Day long exhaustive meetings, never-ending tasks with modifiable deadlines and other corporate lobbying or "politically correct" activities eat away a larger chunk of my time. Not only does my employer in Delhi/NCR pay me for my precious minutes in meetings in the office premises but also for the formidable minutes spent on road and in public transport in order to reach my home in cosmopolitan space from my office conveniently ensconced in remote suburbs. Though spending 4-5 hours daily on travel to be in my comfort zone, i.e., home, itches me on a regular basis but not in a way it did one day, in a bare minimum fraction of seconds.

Due to snail paced traffic and paucity of movement space in Delhi/NCR, I had decided to ride an UBER bike in order to reach Delhi metro station timely and carry forth my journey towards my abode. Riding pillion on a bike is quite an adventure in NCR. But on 10th Oct'17, it turned out to be an unfortunate mischance. Just around NH-8, a car hit the bike I was riding on as the pillion, owing to miscalculation of time (which anyhow we always fall short of), speed and distance by the respective drivers. I don't have any memories of the impact of the collision but the impact of time. My leg got stuck in between the bike's silencer and the car in front. For an instant, I was there but then my sporty instinct urged me to go for a hop on the flip side. Neither was there any traffic on B-Side nor did anyone stop to help.

Thankfully, I was able to walk up to the pavement and the image of the guy's hungry eyes from the park flashed in front of me in the blink of an eye. Hunger because he couldn't. He couldn't jump off from his wheelchair. Period!

The thought sent a chill in my heart. However, I cleared the images from my mind as I regained composure, I saw a biker passer by, advising my motorcycle driver to quell the anger as he was too vulnerable to abuse the sturdy car owner.

I rode the same motorbike to the Metro Station afterwards, safely though. But mistakenly requested a seat in Metro only to be told to demand off from someone occupying seats reserved for differently-abled. Disgraceful indeed!

Well what followed were a series of hospital visits and heavy medicine dosage. I was relieved to escape the nasty fractures but the ruptures. They do pain. Like a lot!

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An accident was never on my contemplative list until my own personal experience. I felt as if the culprit is not only killing/hurting the victim but also reducing or terminating (in some scenarios) those minutes which the victim might have spent simply smiling. I generally used to empathize with those who were hurt but now I have sympathies from my family and friends. Icing on the cake, my sister and co-blogger fell off the running Mumbai Local due to both time miscalculation and paucity of de-boarding space. Strange co-incidence or something waiting to happen. Who knows!

Well, everything is fine now with no more surgeons in our lives. And I would like to rest my itchy fingers on the note :

In reality, time can't be purchased or sold ,
My time can be controlled only by me or sometimes by bullish souls.

Please share your comments and experiences.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Who are your best friends? Is it Ritu, Shilpa living next door or is it the high-end sophisticated digital assistants like Siri, Alexa etc. by your side.

Is it your mom instructing you to slow down your pace, breathe slowly, have water and speak patiently at your customer care job or is it some software commanding you to be super friendly with your clients to understand their needs?

Does your child wake up to a lullaby (set by you to go off at day-break) by an Automaton?

Did you all just randomly start off for a road trip and enjoying as per your heart or being constantly nagged by a gizmo guiding you to have more exciting options than soak in the beauty of one place?

Huh! The list is endless.

Gadgets are learning about my mood, my behavior, my health stats and what not! From recommending to buy blue coloured ankle length socks that matches with the boots which I had bought last week, to watch movies based on my last flick online to predicting my body ailments ten years from now depending on my current lifestyle, they know it all. And even if they don’t, they are perceiving it gradually through our quick revelations on various platforms which hastens their learning process. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat we are pouring our heart out and unveiling whole lot of personal real life data to the virtual world.

Time is not far-off when co-habitation with machines would be the fate. Imagine an advertisement : Flat mate needed for 1 bhk apartment, One Machine already living and comprehending! In small forms machines are joining us from the first-light. Keeping track of my morning jog to my gastrectomy in midnight slumber, they are taking care instead monitoring me all the time.

A recent debate between the tech bigwigs Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla’s Elon Musk stating that artificial intelligence is going to kill us all, sparked the fear of annihilation in me and I started to think about myself, err the new generations of faux-intelligent entities to be specific. What followed the discussion was even more harrowing. I found that Facebook had to shut down its AI systems after the chatbots started chatting in a language of their own instead of English which could not be understood by humans. For now, it was named to be a malfunction but the background picture could be worse and threatening.

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I am not against innovation in technology but what I feel is that machines are controlling us in various spheres apart from few naïve ones which aid us in our work. Time is just right to have a proper curriculum to which they should adhere to and learn only few things instead of our whole biological existence. Moreover, the irony of life is that the most brilliant brains who are leading Automation are losing jobs to these self-executing bodies only. This planet was destroyed by human beings in terms of nature and now advancement of technology if not regulated might fade away the homo-sapiens.

With this thought that I don’t want my brain to be enslaved by some synthetic spirit, I rest my itchy fingers and keep the shut–down button handy with the hope that there is a watchdog for these Artifical Beings. Additionally, I don’t want to be caught in a Matrix or be surrounded by I-Robots.

Let me know what you think before my article mysteriously disappears off the internet!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017


● changes her name
● changes her home
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● leaves her family
● moves in with you
● builds a home with you
● gets pregnant for you
● pregnancy changes her body
● she gets fat
● almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pain of child birth
● even the kids she delivers bear your name
Till the day she dies... everything she does... cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you..... sometimes at the cost of her own health, hobbies and beauty.
So who is really doing whom a favour?
Dear men, appreciate the women in your lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman.
Being a woman is priceless
Happy women's week!
Pass this to every woman in your contact to make her feel proud of herself.
Rock the world ladies!
A salute to ladies!

WOW! Indeed a touching message sent by a friend on this Women’s Day. Before I begin to celebrate the day/week of the “fairer” sex in my distinct way, I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy Women’s Day.

Since morning, I have been receiving messages and even calls from both my domestic and exotic friends reiterating the fact that how beloved and different I am, how special and strong I am, how beautiful and supportive I am, how caring and sacrificing I am.

And when I say “I”, I am referring to all my female counterparts who are loved and seen differently by every person out on streets: through the lens of jealousy, rage and lechery. My specialty and strength is reinforced by strangers and family who force themselves on me, without my consent. My overwhelming beauty deliberately kept in check through acid attacks. My sacrificing nature kept in check constantly by asking me to give up my dreams.

I didn’t know that I had such superpowers. Or if I consider it the other way round, are they all telling me that I’ll be a woman only if I adhere to these adjectives repeated again and again in these messages which are celebrating my apparent existence as a woman. Then, I am boggled by the fact that what parameters are set up for those brave men trapped in the body of a woman who are finally going for gender reassignment? Who say they are independent now as they have finally found their existence but their lives have taken a 360 degree turn because they have a new concept introduced to them: restraints and constraints, the added advantage of being a woman.

Everyone is receiving such messages and men are actually told to respect women for these reasons. Isn’t this a conspiracy? According to me people are being fed the false image of a woman. I don’t say that these are not a woman’s traits but I do contest the well-known but ludicrous fact that she is a lesser woman if she is little less loving, caring, sacrificing etc.

I am perplexed by such quantifications. What is the parameter to judge the womanly nature of a woman? What is the benchmark? Who sets it? And most importantly who is authorized to make such judgements?

Is woman a lesser being because she loves herself along with her independence, takes her decisions and speaks her mind? Is she a lesser woman because she challenges the age-old concept of “Woman for the hearth” and stands tall in professional workplace, a conventional/so-called man’s world? Is she a lesser woman because she celebrates her womanhood by not cringing at the mere mention of menstruation, doesn’t shave her legs or wears a red lipstick.

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Some people might think that I am being a feminist. Instead, I believe that I am being thought provoking. I assert this because had women possessed such Olympian potential and hardihood, none of them would have been subjected to discrimination, violence and exploitation.

I read an alarming fact online that the unpaid labour and effort that a woman puts in at home surpasses the collective GDP of various sectors like manufacturing, retail etc globally. And all this while we have been shouting our lungs out for the rights and wages of poor/unskilled labour. Pity! Women Empowerment? It’s just a “beautiful” word that looks good in election manifestos and the conciliatory speeches of “men of honour” when some untoward incident takes place.

Sigh! All I can hope now is that the stereotypes are challenged and the gender gap at ‘Work’ (home or office) place is addressed by some supernatural power so that the efforts of United Nations that is celebrating the theme of “Women In The Changing World Of Work: Planet 50-50” can cut the mustard.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Whenever I am out for a walk on the road or taking a stroll in a garden, I find at least a dozen pair of eyes staring straight into my face. I guess this does not happen just because of my charms but also because there’s nothing more soothing (or beautiful) to watch.

We all have been harping that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” for ages now. Agreed. But when the eyes view shades of yellow, blue, white and black; would they still continue be the beholders of beauty? Don’t look confused! These are not the rainbow hues but the colours of litter or garbage in various forms spread all around. Be it a journey to the nearby park or the travel to the office, my eyes get violated on a daily basis. Yes, you read it right! Alright! You want me to close my eyes? Done! I tried that too. But then my nose has another story to tell with the malodour it smells or even the air it breathes in or for that matter the tarred mucus it generates due to smoke in the air.
Don’t tell me that it’s just me who is privy to this fact. You all have “been there, seen that”.

My fingers are crossed for the success of the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” for which I unfailingly devote a part of my dear salary as cess. It might bring some respite to my lungs, no sooner than later.

Courtesy : Google Images

An unprecedented phenomenon is sharpening my brain on a daily basis, that is, “the traffic”. I use all the formulas of time, speed and distance to calculate the shortest route possible in a limited timeframe also using technology, Aka, Google maps in the entire process. But this year, I noticed something new during the wedding season. Every time I saw a new car decorated with flowers, my heart ached and my brain reckoned because that single car meant a soon to be formed “convoy” with each car having one passenger, that is, the driver. It seems they have literally taken ‘Mein aur meri tanhayii’ way too seriously. Another din which causes ear barotrauma to me and makes me think aloud is the loud DJ song and people shouting at the late night parties. I wonder if the high decibel hullabaloo which causes noise pollution is to express surprise for “the chosen ones” (The bride and the groom) !! Gosh! Excuse me if I sound like a party pooper to you but requesting “the DJ wale babu” to play your favourite racy number in a low decibel would also do the magic! Just give it a try. Thank you!!

I know this blog is not a forum to change the world, for better or for worse for that matter. And you got it right, there is a “but” coming. “BUT” guys and gals! Please gang up, drive together and cleanse the environment and bring back the natural colours of likes of lush-green, sky blue and transparent air back to eternity.

It’s been quite some time since I wrote something. There’s a serious reason for that. I was stuck and choked in the traffic and breathing a comatose air until a friend gifted me an air mask (to breath in my own CO2 though) and then found the courage to pen this out.

I guess we all can do our bit or more importantly, not mindlessly go about our daily business of ruining our surroundings, mindlessly. I hope the nature police pays heed to this chronic situation of natural elements and help us all to live’ not survive on what’s left.

Fingers crossed till then!

Monday, July 25, 2016


I recently came across a bizarre survey which talks about masculinity display by the Indian men. Before perusing it, I was under the impression that Indian men’s (excuse the pun) muscle power and vulgar, abusive language were enough to exhibit their virility.  However, the survey provided me a completely different dimension to the concept of manliness in India.

Would you like to give it a thought?

“Can you just bend a bit, keep the pup aside in your car’s front-seat, wear gloves, take a polybag, pick the poop and throw it in the dustbin?”, ahh! my NRI friend is shouting at my neighbour. She dictates it like a pseudo-code not because she is a software engineer by profession but because it irks her when people ask the ‘How’ part of daily ablutions of a pet or are indifferent to it. Moreover, it is not a common sight for her in the exotic land where NRI’s do the needful voluntarily; particularly, due to fear of hefty fines. She has visited me after a long time and there are many things which adds to her fury, as it occurs to most of "the NRIs".

An animal’s excreta had exasperated her so intensely. What if she comes to know the study fact that I am going to share with you all?

Courtesy : Google Images
Well! Well! In this 21st  century, in an era where we boast of digital India, sophisticated and skilled India, the survey has brought to the fore a startling fact : masculinity show is best displayed by “excreting in open”. Yes, that is how Indian men believes is the best way to unveil their toughness, as per the survey.

Wait! This is not done and dusted yet! They believe that the comfort of open air has no comparison with the closed quarters. I mean imagine a white pot in an enclosed area, behind closed doors. Where’s the fun in that? I mean until and unless one squats in the middle of an open field amidst the murmur of flies and fleas and chat with the others around while taking a dump, there is no point of this routine mundane operation!

Who gives a damn what “Swach Baharat” is! No, wait, we are the ones who make commercials to
educate women to raise their voice to get a toilet constructed in their homes and use the same. But what about men? I am amused to say that it is not the paucity of funds for construction of a proper toilet but it’s against men’s ruggedness to use a lavatory. Amused why you ask? Have you forgotten, “Men are the decision-makers in households”. Well! This rings true in majority of the rural households where open defecation is still a major problem plaguing the entire villages.


I wish this observation which poses malice towards Indian men is fallacious.

On a lighter note, if the survey goes true, I deduce that ‘Swachh Bharat Cess’ will get exhausted in dung clean-up only.

I rest my itchy fingers now, to hear your thoughts aloud!!


I notice a guy from the corner of my eye every morning when I go for a jog. He always looks confident with a great gymming outfit. He looks...