Friday, June 20, 2014


Physical State : Ice
Liquid State    : Water
Gaseous State : Vapours

Wait!! Wait!! It’s totally wrong! Let’s start all over again!

Physical State : Uttar Pradesh
Liquid State    : Uttarakhand
Volatile  State : Telangana

Am I correct now? Oh Gosh!! I am in such a perplexed mental state!! Please help me out. I am not at fault as there are too many states to keep in mind and lo! There is even a super hit “Two States” adding to the bewilderment!!

And yes! Yes! We have become a nation with twenty nine states with the new state being carved out in the backdrop of violence, bloodshed, furore and communal tensions. Cruel fate of states I must tell you. No?!

Is it a sorry state of affairs when it comes to Muzzafarnagar or when it comes to metropolitan cities and again the crime capital, Uttar Pradesh treating women like hard core sociopaths? Or maybe it is unhealthy and unhygienic state of affairs for we lack even the most basic “toilet” facility in the twentieth century!!

Sigh!! Prehistoric state. Don’t you think so?

And of course, then there is the United States Of America which can give anyone a run for their money when it comes to making news or snooping into zillions of personal lives and invading numerous territories in the name of “national security”!!

Thank goodness!! Mr. Modi’s visit to USA in September will hopefully strengthen India’s “diplomatic” relations with Uncle Sam benefitting not only the milk state but also make “ache din” pan India more beautiful.

The list doesn’t end here!!

We have a new Central government in place but Delhi state is left in a forsaken state. I bet it is cursed or something. Otherwise, why would completely sane and competent parties dilly-dally over the issue of forming a government in the heart of the nation, promise for the same and then take a complete u-turn on their statements.

Then there is an utter chaotic state with El nino hounding our weather patterns, inflation tormenting our meager budgets and the ever increasing Current Account Deficit and the ever sinking rupee adding to the hullabaloo. Oops! I forgot to mention the impending water and electricity wars. Had it not been for the communiqué issued by the government and RBI, things would have been in a pretty mind boggling state for us commoners. What’s say?

Oh! We got entangled in the web of states! Let’s start over one last time.

Physical State : Chaiwaala
Liquid State    : Shehzada
Gaseous State : 49-day Chief Minister

                                      Or is it

Physical State : Khap Panchayats
Liquid State    : State governors
Gaseous State : Subrata Roy

                                            COFUSION!! CONFUSION!! CONFUSION!!

Courtesy : Google Images
I think? I should give my itchy fingers a little rest here but you please forgive me if I made any errors in my statements and forgive me for writing after such a long time as can clearly see my tormented mental state. And of course, do write to us if you find “the” answer to “the” question:

      “What STATE of affairs are we living in? Wait!! Is it actually the state of affairs or affairs of the state?”


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