Saturday, January 7, 2017


Whenever I am out for a walk on the road or taking a stroll in a garden, I find at least a dozen pair of eyes staring straight into my face. I guess this does not happen just because of my charms but also because there’s nothing more soothing (or beautiful) to watch.

We all have been harping that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” for ages now. Agreed. But when the eyes view shades of yellow, blue, white and black; would they still continue be the beholders of beauty? Don’t look confused! These are not the rainbow hues but the colours of litter or garbage in various forms spread all around. Be it a journey to the nearby park or the travel to the office, my eyes get violated on a daily basis. Yes, you read it right! Alright! You want me to close my eyes? Done! I tried that too. But then my nose has another story to tell with the malodour it smells or even the air it breathes in or for that matter the tarred mucus it generates due to smoke in the air.
Don’t tell me that it’s just me who is privy to this fact. You all have “been there, seen that”.

My fingers are crossed for the success of the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” for which I unfailingly devote a part of my dear salary as cess. It might bring some respite to my lungs, no sooner than later.

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An unprecedented phenomenon is sharpening my brain on a daily basis, that is, “the traffic”. I use all the formulas of time, speed and distance to calculate the shortest route possible in a limited timeframe also using technology, Aka, Google maps in the entire process. But this year, I noticed something new during the wedding season. Every time I saw a new car decorated with flowers, my heart ached and my brain reckoned because that single car meant a soon to be formed “convoy” with each car having one passenger, that is, the driver. It seems they have literally taken ‘Mein aur meri tanhayii’ way too seriously. Another din which causes ear barotrauma to me and makes me think aloud is the loud DJ song and people shouting at the late night parties. I wonder if the high decibel hullabaloo which causes noise pollution is to express surprise for “the chosen ones” (The bride and the groom) !! Gosh! Excuse me if I sound like a party pooper to you but requesting “the DJ wale babu” to play your favourite racy number in a low decibel would also do the magic! Just give it a try. Thank you!!

I know this blog is not a forum to change the world, for better or for worse for that matter. And you got it right, there is a “but” coming. “BUT” guys and gals! Please gang up, drive together and cleanse the environment and bring back the natural colours of likes of lush-green, sky blue and transparent air back to eternity.

It’s been quite some time since I wrote something. There’s a serious reason for that. I was stuck and choked in the traffic and breathing a comatose air until a friend gifted me an air mask (to breath in my own CO2 though) and then found the courage to pen this out.

I guess we all can do our bit or more importantly, not mindlessly go about our daily business of ruining our surroundings, mindlessly. I hope the nature police pays heed to this chronic situation of natural elements and help us all to live’ not survive on what’s left.

Fingers crossed till then!


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