Sunday, February 4, 2018


I’m not sure if you will judge my itchy fingers for this but I have developed a habit of writing to my old self. (Younger self technically but you get the point, right?) No time travel yet! Sigh! 

Earlier last month, after contemplating my past self to be young, dynamic and stubborn and away from the magical world of technical advancements, I thought of writing to her as a pen pal to keep her abreast of all technical advancements I am surrounded with now and draw a clear comparison between the time zones. Basically, amaze her with the fast pace the world is moving at and how different it would be in a few years!

Again, after coming across the fantastic set of headphones: QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II @, I thought of fascinating her with this super-cool thing and the amazing concept. My letter goes something like this:

“Hey Shilpa,

Hope you are in the best of your health and spirits and your era is progressing at a supersonic speed. (I’m aware of it now though.)

I wonder if you remember me from my previous letter telling you about Smart Phones and their salient features of the likes of Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Music and photo capturing capabilities etc. Though I didn’t receive any acknowledgement from you, I write you again today to tell you about my new hobby and a wonderful trip that I went to last month; with a heartfelt hope for some sort of response from your end.

I have developed a taste for playing the guitar recently. I have realized that a lot of concentration is needed as the music turns into a cacophony if I miss even a single note or a beat. I mostly record and listen, instead re-listen to my own compositions multiple times to improve it. Focus is a big thing in noisy and fast paced world that I belong to. To my rescue, I came across a wonderful pair of audio headphone by ‘BOSE’ which plays music and cancels any unnecessary commotion that tends to interfere with my cerebral membranes or hand’s muscle memory and disrupt my practice sessions. It even gives volume-optimized EQ that provides consistent quality anywhere be it office or a loud shopping mall. Though the headphone is available in black colour also, I have my personal favourite silver couloured. I wish I could send one to you as well.
Courtesy : BOSE
Talking about my trip, it was a business trip to nature’s lap, Norway which I had extended by few days for leisure. Considering that music has become an essence of my life and my despise for harsh sounds, I obviously carried my wireless BOSE QC35 headsets with an inbuilt access to Google assistant via Bluetooth in my baggage. Already they were a big rescue from blaring horns and valueless jabber that my ears are subjected to on my everyday office travel. Sometimes, I thought they could be damaged during the long hours spent travelling but thanks to their well-built corrosion resistant durable body, they braved all the hiccups with ease.

You won’t believe that it was no just pure and divine music with them, it was like having a personal assistant with me the whole day!

“Ok Google! Set an alarm for 2 am”, I ordered by pressing the action button on my BOSE headband while listening to a melodious lullaby before dozing off. I was up on time and boarded the cab with my headphones on. Along with digesting the early morning quota of NEWS, I confirmed from my assistant if the cab was driving through the best route with no traffic and if my flight was on schedule. Without any hassle I landed in mystic and divine Bergen.

“Ok Google! Tell me basic salutations in Norwegian”, I asked for help from my assistant, which was really helpful during my stay in that city. Since my headsets were on, all greetings in Norwegian went straight into my brain without any external noise.

Next followed numerous meetings, brainstorming sessions and documentation with the client. After all the exciting work, it was time for my mini vacation.

I hired a bike, asked my assistant to play some Norwegian music and started my ride to nature trail Rallarvegen (the service road built for the construction of the Bergenline).  While listening to songs which I could not make much sense of, but were in tune, I even got a spot in a cafe reserved for Norwegian special open sandwich followed by waffle. BOSE had indeed treated me to a scrumptious meal. Splendid, right!?

I felt exhausted after cycling and decided to retreat to my hotel.

I went for a Fjord Cruise the next day that departed from Zachariasbryggen quay at the Fish Market. Thanks to my assistant which warned me of windy weather, I was dressed in woolen layers. I even called back home with the help of BOSE and had a very clear call despite the blaring winds. I even asked it to click some photos and send to my friends. Since I forgot to charge my phone last night my assistant switched on the battery saver for me on my command. Nonetheless, I was thrilled that at least my headphone comes with a 20 hours battery life and if at all I am short on charge, a quick 15 minutes power would add a 2.5 hour of life to my battery. I really would love to see the expression on your face while you read, re-read what I just wrote is true. Unbelievable? But true my friend.

All in all, I had a splendid tour replete of business work and different shades of nature. Moreover, a solo trip with my assistant enclosed with BOSE QC35 headphones by my side which is wrapped in Alcantara—the soft covering material used in yachts enabled a comfort wear throughout my magnificent journey.

I look forward to your reply on this letter of mine and any new adventure (even though I know it all) that is happening at your side.

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