Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Jambudivipa Satirical News Channel’s moot point is that even though Ban-O-Mania is engulfing many realms of nation's mannerism, the state of affairs is still under control and in people's favour. The TV channel hosted a worthwhile discussion show amongst two groups of people to substantiate their standpoint:

The Optimistic (O) and The Pessimistic (P)

Without wasting the high-priced air time the show began with a quick introduction of the two squads.  Please be a spectator to this discourse through my spectacles.

Debate began with a lot of impatience and vigor but with respect for each other’s views:

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P: “Earlier the beef ban and now the meat ban. Does anyone have a right to interfere with my gastronomy?”

O: A cheerful and a confident voice remarked: “Don’t worry buddy. Just let all such gloomy thoughts be burnt down to ashes of your cig or doze off this nightmare in a booze hangover!!" 

P: Amidst this there was another dejected avow. “Even the food authority had to unseal the ingredients of ‘Meri Maggi’ at this crucial time!!”

O: “Well Pal, bribery is still not prohibited (with a wink ;)!!!). Alternatively, our local street vendors sell scrumptious identical twin of this long thin stripped flour which can be savoured along with a cutting chai. It goes without saying though that there is an added advantage of littering and spitting around. And certainly attending to nature’s call creating one’s own artwork on your favourite canvas, if need be. Ladies! Please forgive me but….” articulated another hopeful speaker on a rosy note.

P: Though somewhat assured there was a bleak assertion, “Imagine, they have disallowed the usage of cuss words in Bollywood easy enough to be understood by a brat, banned the release of India’s daughter documentary by BBC and barred the porn. I really don't understand the real motive behind it. Isn’t this curbing my "Right to freedom of choice"?

O: “My dear friend! I am sorry to say but you sound ridiculous to me. Our courts have neither forbidden rapes and sexual harassment nor child marriage and honour killings. The kind of spice-mix they add on either through real experience or through the blazing media channels is beyond explanation. Also, we have a sultry porn star, I mean now a top rated actress wholly accepted by our Film industry to ride us through the Dirty Politics , err I mean the Dirty Picture!!”, opinionated a sanguine participant unleashing a whole new angle.

P: I saw the pessimistic clan almost beaming at such an eye-opener and an effectual discussion. However, there was this last suspicion: “Our honorable government dreamt of Digital India with freedom for all. Then why were people restrained from watching the news channel Al Jazeera in April, babus restricted from accessing Gmail and selfies banned during the pious ‘kumbh Mela’?

O: Bro! (With a sigh). Our government is taking baby steps towards newfangled ideas in this Digital age. We need to give them some time before we counter attack all their decisions. Nonetheless, you can always ‘dislike’ their Facebook Page to showcase your abhorrence.

The show ended with embraces and handshakes and an adieu by the host to the participating groups and the affluent sponsors.

Courtesy : Google Images

I believe it is time for me also to put on my Ray-Ban, rest my itchy fingers and leave you untangle rest of the tangles. Do share your comments if you think it is high time for eminent people to ban the unnecessary bans!!!


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