Thursday, November 12, 2015


I am very excited today. Why shouldn’t I be?

I have received the invite to be the guest of honour.

They have been eagerly waiting for me for the past one year.

They have made magnificent preparations for my arrival.

I just can’t tell you how happy I will be to finally meet these good people.

The duration of my stay?

Well! Unfortunately not long as a lot of people are expecting me. I have a limited timeframe and I don’t want to disappoint any of them.

But of course! I’ll stay in touch with them forever. For sure.


Isn’t that implied? I need not explain all the nitty-gritties to these good people.

Most of them are highly educated. And even if not, then some rationale is given.

What!!!?  You must be lying!

These people can’t even think of this in their most horrible of dreams!

You are actually telling me that these good people will sabotage my vehicle so that I stay with them. What an inane idea?

I don’t believe you. Why? Because we are talking about perfectly sane not perfectly senile people.

They won’t do that. EVER.

Okay. Just for argument sake, let’s assume that they actually get involved in the horrendous task.

Then what?

Do they really think I won’t be able to go back if they do so?

And anybody will actually be willing to visit these people again if they act in such a despicable manner?

Out of love you say!

That’s the most incredible idea that I have ever heard!

I found this incredible too! After going through the phases of surprise, shock, anger and disbelief though.

What’s your take? Do you think it’s an acceptable thing to do?

No. Right?

Then why do we do this to the very deity we revere every day? Why the Goddess Lakshmi’s mount has to bear the brunt of our pure devotion or should I say excessive desires. According to a study, of the 30 owl species recorded from India, 15 have been recorded in the domestic live bird trade. Sacrificing an innocent creature for some hocus-pocus is actually a bizarre thing to do

Proof you ask?

Courtesy: Google Images
What about the Forbes list? I don’t see it dominated by us Indians only.It’s neither sarcasm nor anger. I am actually feeling ashamed to be a part of the nation with average literacy rate greater than 70% and a strong focus on development. Whatever the statistics might manifest, we are actually regressing to dark ages in this modern era.

In the times of instant messaging, instant riches is the new fad capturing imagination.

Where is our integrity when we search for the perfect owls to get the best riches when we are creating such a ruckus about the beef-ban on the other hand? Leave mature, is it even a sane thing to do?

You say they have magical properties/characteristics. Why don’t we leave that to the Harry Potter series and old age totems? Need I say more?


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