Monday, April 21, 2014


It seems that Indian men have taken the following dialogue from a famous movie too literally “Babbar Sher To karte Hai Khule Aasmaan Ke Niche....Dum Hai To Rok Ke Dikhao!!!” My comprehension says that Babbar Sher All chaps who stick to the above statement.

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Few weeks ago, High court ruling stated that “it could not insist Indian men to leave homes with their zips locked”. Indeed a funny acknowledgement to the piddle problem (No offence to our honourable judiciary).

If I remember my childhood or in fact pre-schooling days, it was the time when my parents would cuddle me for slightest of things, but of course not for wetting the bed or the floor. It’s since that time that my parents and my kindergarten taught me not to pee around and either follow self control or use rest-rooms. Self-control is the most important ornament, I guess. But when it comes to control our body reactions, be it voluntary or involuntary it becomes a bit difficult. So I chose the latter option i.e. of using wash-rooms. I remember how students were rebuked or sometimes even slapped by the teachers or the cleaners for disrupting the decorum of the class by the aroma of their by-products. It was the most basic of the civic sense that was instructed with prime importance. But now when I see all these erudite men out on roads, searching for walls, I feel ashamed. Contrary to this, If I lookout for women indulging in a similar activity, I rarely find any!! C’mon men!! You out-perform women (according to patriarchal facts, which however I don’t accede to!!) in every task. Then why is the fairer-sex fairing well in bladder-control? Enter the arena!! Buck up!!

What was even more embarrassing to read was that the boundary walls with the pictures of deities and graffiti stating “You are a donkey/dog” couldn’t shun these unabashed men from spoiling them.

I think it’s high time we pay heed to this troublesome issue. We are allured by the western countries, why not have laws akin to theirs. For eg:  cleaning your own mess, a night behind the cells or probably imposing a monetary fine to bar people from addressing to their nature's call publicly onto the mother nature. Bingo!!! I was just watching an advertisement and have come up with this - put an end to this menace by production of Adult diapers for these brazen men (Believe me!! It’s gonna be a lucrative business option). Please share your ideas and opinions which could save us from this issue of public shame and disgrace!

Moreover, instead of being lazy on this age-old problem, I approve of a quick resolution. Don’t you agree with me?? I say this because in this time of electoral fray, I won’t be able to stand some other politician affirming “Men will be men, we can’t punish them for this boo-boo”!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014


With the election bugle cries in the air, the first phase of polling commences today. And while so many of us are wondering whether to consider 10th April as just another holiday or get inked or exercise NOTA, I wonder if any of us has actually considered the fact that we Indians are privileged to be a part of the world’s biggest democratic exercise with the right to vote in our hands which when exercised might set many (if not all) wrongs right. Believe me, we have given too much thought. Now, it’s time to elect, to act and set tons of things into place.

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And this is not just us, even in the name of politicians, our country needs doers more than thinkers today. We wondered wide-eyed what happened to us in the colonial days, we struggled to gain independence and since, our biggest victory, we have been letting stuff happen to us, waiting for time or maybe some divine force to make thing fall into place. But I think that time has come for the third category of people to come to the forefront: people who make it happen.

For how long will we keep grumbling about the “corrupt” system of “ours”? Mind it: we have no right to curse the system until we are ready to accept the fact that we all are a part of this system only and strife to bring about a change.

Patriotism or national pride are not just hollow momentary emotions to be felt on 26th January or 15th August or when chanting slogans “INDIA JEETEGA” in a jam-packed Firoz Shah Kotla. These might bring us tremendous joy but not the content and dignity we feel after exercising our precious vote.

Considering everything corrupt, calling the national affairs an anathema is an easy thing to do but it’s not your job. I know I am being harsh but I am really sorry that I am not sorry about it! We might have some sorry state of affairs around us but this might not be the end if you cast your vote, my Friend!

Don’t believe me!?! Just give a thought to the fact that a 49-day stint(as it is called so) by an amateur political party kept each single political entity on its toes making us realize the true meaning of politics that has faded in the years of dynastic, caste, colour, hate, religion politics and bringing about a complete change in the political arena. In place of caste and communal chants buzzing around, we have voices being raised for employment, education, rising economy  and a corruption free developed India. Not just “manifestos”, we have “womanifestos” appearing  in the patriarchal society of ours. Even youngsters are filing nominations in the field previously supposed to be a perfect income plan post retirement.

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These are the indicators of positive changes in the entrenched society of ours if not more. And it took us 66 years to rise from ashes to what we are today. Think of all we can achieve in half this time period with all the assets that we have today. So, please think of your baby steps to polling booths as giant strides in the direction of India becoming a superpower.


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