Sunday, November 16, 2014


"I see the things clearly now, is it something to do with the optical power of my spectacles or has God used some magic wand to cast a spell? This was a query by my close friend when her flight landed in this exotic land called as peninsula of peninsulas. To be specific, I am speaking about Europe which is so unblemished and pollution free which makes one feel as if one's vision has improved to a great extent. Though this declaration can easily be stated but I tried to figure out the yearn to earn and retain this natural beauty that Europe boasts of.

I found that Europe holds a mass cleaning drive "Let’s Clean Up Europe!" across the continent every year on the same day. It involves people from all walks of life who gather at pre-decided locations, collect and sort litter (segregating the hazardous waste material) and discuss new ideas for the three R's i.e. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. This effort makes everyone aware of the importance of garbage and an unadulterated environment which in turn is beneficial for their own health. A wonderful stride, indeed!!

On similar lines, now we have 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' aimed to restore contaminated India.
I am really elated and appreciate this movement initiated by our honorable prime minister Mr.Modi, but only if it suffices to its purpose. Like Europeans, I hope we too understand the criticality of this issue and use the broom to mop the correct trash. Also, if we could harness the energy of the muck lying and crying in and around the landfills by generating electricity/heat it would only bolster NDA's  mission of affordable 24*7 electricity for all homes.

I wonder if it's possible but just think about it! How is it if we get a trophy for cleaning our own mess or are bejeweled for knowing the importance of  filth and of course its stench!! You might think that I am exaggerating but I bet it is better than compensating people (their relatives) who tried or actually gave up their lives for a South Indian Amma who instead had misappropriated with their own moolah.

And this one's for my respectable government : send some extra garbage to Sweden which is anyways importing tonnes of it from Norway and other European countries to facilitate its waste-to-energy incineration program. This would eliminate our land of at least some fraction of malodorous grime.

Courtesy : Google Images

I think it is time for me to sweep, so here I go Vroooommm!!! With this thought in my mind and thinking over what my father says : Only if an Indian can clean his pet's shit jogging along in the same way as he does when he's tagged as an NRI, we can expect a magnified optical power!! Do you agree??


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