Sunday, December 27, 2015


I was watching Bob the builder : an animated children show last evening and as always anthropomorphized vehicles left me mesmerized. The ongoing Odd-Even rule discussions for plying of cars on road to combat the pollution in Delhi and this animation series together played a game with my sub-conscious mind. So here I pen down my unpleasant fantasy.


Many dented and painted vehicles are parked around and engaged in a pensive discussion.

Untattooed Sparkling Hatchback : Hey Automobiles! Good News! I will be on rest on alternate days this fortnight of 2016. A great respite to my ailing engine which bears the pressure of winter chill and fog (smog) each January.

"VVIP'" tattooed Convertible : Alas! God is really kind to you. All blessings seem to have been bestowed on you and your siblings. I am not that lucky even though government boasts of a No-VIP culture!

Pink Sedan : Have you all noticed the conduct of rowdy juveniles these days. No wonder, I have been licensed to be on the run too.

"Red cross" tattooed Mini-Van : Oh dear! Don't worry! I'll too be on wheels 24*7 to accompany you all.

Apt came the unanimous response from CNG and electric cars, Fire brigade tattooed vehicles, Police SUVs, scooter and its bulkier and metallic cousins, i.e., the bikes. All of them were sounding envious of being exempted from Odd-Even rule as they had some indelible patterns.

An old and dilapidated bicycle parked nearby in a shady corner was listening to all the conversation patiently. Her hollowed eyes had seen them taking her place in recent times. Her rusted and parched metallic skin had been over-shined by these newbies who now longed for an interlude. Moreover, she had gained wisdom during this long period of hibernation. And when asked about her opinion, she spoke : Neither of you will be spared. My sisters and I have been listening to a lot of humans. They are a crafty and an insightful lot and have the capability to even out all the odds. They have multiple inexpensive quickfix plans in retaliation to this rule like,

Plan A : Usage of fake number plates

Plan B : Utilizing stickers to change the last digit of the number plate

Plan C : Usage of reversible number plates with original/customized number

Plan D : Deployment of embossed number plates where the last digit can be changed using a sticking tape or a magnet

I am not saying this out of anger but I feel you all are cursed to be clogged on roads forever and ever.


I don't know what could have come up next since I woke up with a sigh!

On a serious note, I agree that homo sapiens are the most intelligent of all the beings present on earth with immense cognitive adroitness. But considering the present circumstances, in my perspective people are really mentally sick since they are scheming alternatives even for 15 days to counter the Odd-Even rule in Delhi. But as the law of Physics states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, it's high time we offer bounties to nature.

Courtesy: Google Images

I hope this New Year, I would be a non-smoker in real sense! Huh!

As my lungs crave for PM2.5/PM10 free, non-toxic air I rest my itchy fingers as I already feel choked of the 'jugaad' attribute of my brethren.


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