Thursday, February 13, 2014


Before actually perceiving the meaning of Valentine and Love, she is just like any one of the POWERPUFF girls. Cute as BUBBLES, fussy as BLOSSOM and authoritative as BUTTERCUP. Flying high struggling with the prodigious curriculum around.

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 Every other guy whom she used to think of as DENNIS THE MENACE has suddenly turned into JOHNNY BRAVO. A woman-chasing personality, hard to tolerate but harder to miss or mess with. Gradually it came to a TOM & JERRY chase and torment between her and him. Heart-aches here followed by crushes everywhere. Like PANINI THE CAT, she fell for CHOWDER THE YOUNG CHEF in her training class. But cleverly she evaded the investigating eyes of others which rolled like those of INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU’S OF PINK PANTHER or UNCLE SCROOGE for that matter. Amidst this entire clamour, finally the Cupid struck. Like MINNIE MOUSE, she would dress up and roam around with her MICKEY MOUSE. She dreamt of strong and courageous ALADDIN and flew with him on carpet like PRINCESS JASMINE. Not to forget, like ORTENSIA, she was jealous of all other girlfriends eyeing her OSWALD!! But then as is said, honey attracts bees, her charms did wonder too. But to deactivate them, he came like POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN and saved her from the clutches of every BLUTO. She too reciprocated wonderfully as a veracious partner. Like SALLY BROWN, she supported him in all his endeavors, always encouraged her SWEET BABBOO LINUS in activities ranging from playing piano to anything and everything. And a mandate happy ending did follow. He loved her forever like FRED FLINTSTONE even though she couldn’t catch up with his schemes sometimes!!!

I hope this animated love concoction would let you spill the beans too!!! Share with me too!! 

Now, if I can put my itchy fingers in this season of Love on those mingled, then why not on SNOOPY FROM THE COMIC STRIP PEANUTS (beloved pet of CHARLIE BROWN).
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C’mon! you can pamper yourself and primarily cheer by first of all saying “Two is a crowd and I am a fantastic present to myself”. Don’t abhor yourself for a little aberration in your life. And here comes one more suggestion for you from my basket – Go out to restaurants or pubs alone. You’ll be amazed by the grand welcome and discounted meals offers. Believe me, I am not lying. And all those shattered and heartbroken out there, better to carry your Ex’s picture to your dining place. Angels out there would gladly help you overcome the emotional atyachaar by setting it ablaze. And the last but not the least, do munch upon a heart shaped pizza (of course sliced from the mid)!!!

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