Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello folks! Please accept my sincere apologies for my conspicuous absence. You know my restive itchy fingers. They had found Sherlock’s glasses and voila! Guess what I found: the diary of the great Mr. Wreck Ed wherein he recorded all his conversations. Can you believe it? No?? Here! Take a look at a conversation that  took place between Mr. Wick Ed and Mr. Wreck Ed. for yourself. It turned out to be a true learning curve!



Women Integrity.

Because you are dumb!

Umm….Mentally or…??
Of course, mentally! But good point. Stay dumb. I mean keep mum too. Get it now?

But everyone has the right to speak!
Not the insane people, silly!!

Ummm..How do you quantify ‘silliness’?
Dumb question! Again! The freedom of expression is indeed there but the right to sensitivity is ‘fundamental’.

Do you mean to say ‘oversensitivity’?
Are you trying to make me the bad person here?
                                               (Pulls out a pistol)

Hey! I was just making my point.
Even I am.
                  ( Pointing my gun with a sly smile on my face. )

I am scared! But strangely though I hear the name ‘Avijit Roy’ ringing in my ears!  And why do I feel like shouting ‘Je suis Charlie’!!
Shut up! I feel like shouting, ”Mr. Pea-brain. Think of some sane ideas from now on. And if you want to save the remnants of your already besmirched integrity, leave and never speak. NEVER. If possible, take back what all you have said until now.

I am confused now. The name ‘Perumal Murugan’ is echoing in my head.
See! Only insane people like you can conjure asinine thoughts from the thin air in a jiffy. Thank goodness! Some intelligent minds made bullets to talk to the unhinged people like you.

Courtesy : Google Images

                                      (Brandished my gun.)

Whaaaattt!! Do you? Seriously? I mean….Wait!! Sir! Do you want me to kneel in front of you and beg for my ‘loathsome low life’? Because I can do that. I swear!!
HaaHaaHaa!! That’s all the fight you got? Tell me ‘brother’! Did your ‘Bapu’ teach you this trick? Huh?? Do you really think a pervert..I mean predator…I mean a ‘proper gentleman’ like me would spare, let’s say, India’s daughter even if she begs me for forgiveness after she toes the line?

What line?
How dare you question me?

I am sorry, Sir! I don’t know why I enquired about such a banal thing! But..One last question, Sir. What if a ‘thali’ adorns her?
You are silly but you have a commendable sense of humor! Its existence is my choice. I can choose to overlook it or make it as important as the air the wearer breathes to survive! See my greatness? My power?

Very well, Sir! I salute you. And on this ‘enlightened’ note, I would like to take your leave, Sir.
How I wish you could do that! Alas! I can’t! The ‘supreme’ has the last word and that is not you.

Hey! Hey! Put the gun away! I am innocent! I didn’t do anything wrong! I actually did nothing! Listen! Please!!!! You can’t do this!
How naïve! Don’t tell me what I can and what I can’t! I can lynch you in the public square if I wish to. Yes, you heard that right. And be thankful because right now, I am being kind to you!

Courtesy : Google Images


  1. Ohh... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dont know what to say maybe i am Mute and DUMB


  2. and hey welcome back .. good to see you write after a long long time :)


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