Thursday, November 9, 2017


I notice a guy from the corner of my eye every morning when I go for a jog. He always looks confident with a great gymming outfit. He looks ready to take a leap of faith, catch the airborne basketball and score for his team. I can almost feel the hunger in his eyes. 

However, with my mundane office routine that follows I completely forget about how's and what's of the visuals with which my day had begun. Day long exhaustive meetings, never-ending tasks with modifiable deadlines and other corporate lobbying or "politically correct" activities eat away a larger chunk of my time. Not only does my employer in Delhi/NCR pay me for my precious minutes in meetings in the office premises but also for the formidable minutes spent on road and in public transport in order to reach my home in cosmopolitan space from my office conveniently ensconced in remote suburbs. Though spending 4-5 hours daily on travel to be in my comfort zone, i.e., home, itches me on a regular basis but not in a way it did one day, in a bare minimum fraction of seconds.

Due to snail paced traffic and paucity of movement space in Delhi/NCR, I had decided to ride an UBER bike in order to reach Delhi metro station timely and carry forth my journey towards my abode. Riding pillion on a bike is quite an adventure in NCR. But on 10th Oct'17, it turned out to be an unfortunate mischance. Just around NH-8, a car hit the bike I was riding on as the pillion, owing to miscalculation of time (which anyhow we always fall short of), speed and distance by the respective drivers. I don't have any memories of the impact of the collision but the impact of time. My leg got stuck in between the bike's silencer and the car in front. For an instant, I was there but then my sporty instinct urged me to go for a hop on the flip side. Neither was there any traffic on B-Side nor did anyone stop to help.

Thankfully, I was able to walk up to the pavement and the image of the guy's hungry eyes from the park flashed in front of me in the blink of an eye. Hunger because he couldn't. He couldn't jump off from his wheelchair. Period!

The thought sent a chill in my heart. However, I cleared the images from my mind as I regained composure, I saw a biker passer by, advising my motorcycle driver to quell the anger as he was too vulnerable to abuse the sturdy car owner.

I rode the same motorbike to the Metro Station afterwards, safely though. But mistakenly requested a seat in Metro only to be told to demand off from someone occupying seats reserved for differently-abled. Disgraceful indeed!

Well what followed were a series of hospital visits and heavy medicine dosage. I was relieved to escape the nasty fractures but the ruptures. They do pain. Like a lot!

Courtesy : Google Images

An accident was never on my contemplative list until my own personal experience. I felt as if the culprit is not only killing/hurting the victim but also reducing or terminating (in some scenarios) those minutes which the victim might have spent simply smiling. I generally used to empathize with those who were hurt but now I have sympathies from my family and friends. Icing on the cake, my sister and co-blogger fell off the running Mumbai Local due to both time miscalculation and paucity of de-boarding space. Strange co-incidence or something waiting to happen. Who knows!

Well, everything is fine now with no more surgeons in our lives. And I would like to rest my itchy fingers on the note :

In reality, time can't be purchased or sold ,
My time can be controlled only by me or sometimes by bullish souls.

Please share your comments and experiences.

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