Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sweets, diyas and candles illuminating dark nights like a warm summer day all around!! One of the most pompous and joyous festivals is finally here!! So our blog team wishes all the readers a very happy and prosperous Deepawali! May this festival of lights light up your lives and lighten all your burdens. For it is Diwali, my itchy fingers are always in a hurry to grab sweets and unwrap gifts, yet they point out and rightly so, how this Diwali is unique.( of course besides the fact that this is the first Diwali celebration of

I feel that this Diwali has been outlined by a blend of so many unprecedented events. Traffic jams, decorated markets, luminescence, presents are all there as always but it’s discernible from others.

The sound of the crackers has been somewhat muted by the high decibel speeches made by politicians aiming for the top posts in the assembly elections. The candle’s glittering flames seem somewhat sputtering in front of the high profile “Tihar Jail Diwali” this year, where so many influential and affluent personalities – businessmen, politicians, and filmstars turned wrongdoers would be celebrating with hardcore criminals. Enlightening experience! Eh??

Sweetness seems a little sour with riots inflaming communal tensions and tearing the peace, harmony and brotherhood into pieces and nature’s fury devouring our nation. Moreover, the creation of a separate state leading to a complete pandemonium is adding bitterness to the already sour flavour. 

The radiant festival seems to have lost its sheen as the Indian rupee is losing its glitter in the international markets hitting the consumers and traders equally.

The bliss has somewhat turned into nostalgia with a great cricket legend bidding adieu to the world of cricket : A world that was and will be his forever. Respect! 

But the joyous voices have somewhat been silenced in the “Heaven on earth” with valiant soldiers losing their precious lives when people faraway from the borders sitting in comfortable chambers take international decisions.

But if we change our viewing angle a little bit, we might also see an empowered common man, efficient judiciary and might even hear the footsteps of Goddess Lakshmi approaching silently.

Diwali, same or different has always been and will always be a fiesta of hope and gaiety. So I hope that this Deepawali illuminates our lives and enlighten us. HAPPY DIWALI!! :)

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