Sunday, October 27, 2013

"S"parrow "C"hara "A"nd "M"onkey!!!

Flora and fauna have always been an integral component of our ecosystem. I feel NGT is keenly looking into issues and concerns (Yamuna cleaning, construction of hospital in the ridge area etc.) revolving around foliage, I would like to put my itchy finger over kingdom Animalia.

Recall the age old days when elephants were brutally killed so as to smuggle the ivory tusks. Poor ancient smugglers! They didn’t know that such gruesome act which would decrement the jumbo count wasn’t the correct way to earn their lavish livelihood. Financial gains could be earned just in their name too. After all, written proof holds more significance as compared to visual or verbal ones. I know all office goers esp. corporate professionals would definitely agree to this, nobody gets to work until a mail pops up in their inbox!!

Anyways, my point is better re-instated by the scandalous scams.

Courtesy: Google Images
 For instance, just in the name of livestock, esteemed politicians got involved in a fodder scam amounting to Rs.950 crores and that too on legal papers!!! Had this political acumen been used for optimal utilization of resources, India would have become the world leader in a flash. How astutely this whole thing had been designed is flabbergasting. Investigations of vehicle number plates meant to carry the purchased cows were revealed to be of scooters and cars. (Not viable to carry off cattle, as per my comprehension!!) Better known as ‘CHARA SCAM’, it has actually left the politicians with no chara as they have been shown the prison door.

On one hand,  Monkey Gate” is making headlines getting a mention in Ricky Ponting’s biography and on the other hand monkeys are creating their own ruckus by opening gates to the free flow of liquid for another set of bilkers. Rs. 25 lac was spent in a single month buying bananas, cucumber and gram to feed the opulent arboreals. Did the officials took conservation of fauna too seriously to serve food free with gold, diamonds, Swiss watches or was the food being served as a luxurious five-star cuisine with limitless hospitality configured?

Peeping more closely across the Cloud, I found that our chief minister has declared “The House Sparrow” as the “State Bird“ for the national capital. Also, the task to recover the count of plummeting sparrows has been initiated. I think aerial observation is the need of the hour to keep the terrestrial swindlers at bay.

At last it’s time to give some respite to my itchy fingers tired of counting sparrows, Oops! I mean scams.. But you do write to us if you see any helpless stray animal around you, some official might already have a plan funded by the tax-payer's money to sort this out!!

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