Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Commuting between places would never have been as adventurous and soothing at the same instant,  if there wouldn’t have been disparate flavours of conveyance. Moreover, being a native of Delhi – the capital city provides a lot of options to travel. As my father states: Move an inch out of Delhi (towards the NCR) and you’ll be pinched by the paucity of public conveyance.

Today, I point my itchy fingers towards the various modes of transportation that have made my not so very punctual life somewhat easier!
Yellow-green vehicle – the Auto rickshaw is my first choice. Presently it comes in various colours, styles and has transformed into a chic carriage. Pink coloured- specifically for women can be seen manned by male drivers along with the Tuktuk (Radio auto rickshaw service-just a phone call away). Then there are meterless auto in coherence with the standard metered ones running all over with jocund quotations, traffic instructions and important phone no.s (like eye care, baldness reduction, women helpline, victimized husband’s cell etc.). Let me describe the interesting interiors too. Morphed Bollywood majors’ posters stuck inside stare at you from all the corners eye to eye and if you’re lured by them, Maa-kali glancing from the front mirror is there to keep an eye on you. Gramin-Sewa, alias shared auto is the essence these days. Wheelman is such a benign and munificent person that he welcomes all. You can either sit on the door if there’s a space crunch or even stand on conductor’s request whose skillful foreknowledge about the co-passengers and management skills can give an IIM-ite a run for his money. 

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There are certain auto shaped “Dhodas”, as I like to call them. Do tell me if you have a better word for them!. They are omnipresent with goats/cows/oxen/hens in abundance peeping out and their tardy pace bringing the hell out of you.

Rick shorthand for rickshaw - manual or the eco friendly battery operated ones are the saviour for short distances. Though these battery-run rickshaws are in vogue yet the older hand-pulled or naturally air-conditioned cycle rickshaws can never be a passé. I remember travelling with my friend to our college daily by those and giving final touch ups to our maquillage on-board!!! CRAZY!!!

Then we have our venerable, loyal, wallet-friendly buses racing the tarmac with a certain fatherly air about the old drivers. Though Blue/Red killer variants are now defunct, the green DTC buses are a rage among passengers. Feeders are a recent addition to the category, a subset of this juggernaut. Driver ferrying the people fools them about the movement by simply moving the bus hence and forth, repeating the exercise probably for half an hour. And the conductor is a budding dude with lots of tattoos and gelled up hair. He would forcefully push people inside stating that “No photo-shoot is happening for those hanging about the door!!” Nomenclature of various stoppages shows their mindfulness too. For instance a bus-stop near White House Apartment, has been popularly named as “Obama ka ghar (Obama’s Residence)”!!!!

And yes, who can forget the splendid “Metro-DMRC”. But I think it should add more coaches or should be made into a double-deck. (No! Seriously). I mean you can catch people of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes 17*7*365 at the metros ready to get past through you. 

Yesss! I just grabbed a seat and before letting it slip away to someone else I’ll just doze off.

You too have a safe journey and keep in mind : “Pappu te gudiya di gaddi hun Keep Dishtanche ! Warna buri nazar wale tera muuh kala!! Ok! Tataa! Bye- Bye!!” ;)
Courtesy : Google Images

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