Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Everyday technology ranging from televisions, microwaves, washing machines, dish washers etc. are turning smarter. Have any vintage stuff that you can’t do without, a few technological touch-ups and voila! You have a smart version of some real cool stuff at your disposal. These days, we have a new range of device popping up – THE SMART WATCHES.

As per my prowess in biology, they use smart phones as their hosts particularly as the Reservoir host. Smart watches are liable to do much more than an ordinary wrist watch. So gear up to ask someone more smart a question rather than a simple “Time by his watch”, for now it’s going to be a time-out for the prosaic ones. I’ll just jot down few jargons and activities that are now going to change the definition of an hourglass.

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It may sound puzzling, but the next time you see a person speaking to his wrist, don’t mistake him to be insane or demented. He has just strapped one of those watches to his wrist which is helping him send (receive) sound signals to his loved ones. Some brands also allow message exchange through it. Ahh! I forgot to cite that major tech giants like Google, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Qualcomm, Pebble etc. have entered this arena to play with time.

Coming to the key specs: it will have a large screen, either with the conventional buttons or ultramodern full touch support. It adorns itself in riveting colours too which might be in resonance with your wardrobe. This one’s more suitable for gals out there!!! Neither is it bulky nor obese, thus enabling it to come into the category of comfortable wearable gadgets. Powered with numerous Apps running on multiple operating systems, it’s enough to satiate an App freak’s appetite. It comes in handy to health and fitness conscious generation too keeping up with the busy lives that most of us lead today. It has a Heart rate monitor, Cadence sensor etc. to keep your health parameters noted. Aptly in time, no!! GPS for navigation purpose could prove really helpful in times of need. I believe camera, thermometer, compass, chronograph, calculator are just a few characteristics that one can long for in these skilled timekeepers.

As the chronometer is on the road to revamp, I wish it could do more than just being a wearable computer. If it could let me travel my timeline and relive the past moments with the same emotion (after all, it’s smart, so should be able to set the mood!!!). And for that matter, if it could help students to hold the time from passing by rapidly in a time bound examination!!! What say!! Share more that you want from your SMARTWATCH!!!

Well! This time my itchy fingers are not pointing towards anything but are itching to get my hands on a smart watch shortly.

I can just say that the clock is ticking for a timeless change in no time. I mean, who knows my coming blog posts might be posted from a smart watch. Waiting for your comments from a SMART TIMER!!!

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