Thursday, January 2, 2014

SALUT 2014!!!

Hello Readers!! Here we are with the first blog post of the year 2014 - International Year of Family Farming (IYFF). My lethargic itchy fingers are finally out of the warm quilt (with too much effort though) to bid adieu to the year that was 2013. If I mention more precisely 2013 sirf ‘tera’ nahi ‘mera’ bhi tha!!! (Hey! I am not Kapil Sharma, so what more do you expect!!)

Okay! Moving on! My itchy fingers won’t delve into the deep pool of events that kept us occupied the whole year long. It’s better taken care of by the newspapers, news channels and magazines which have been playing the tape “The year that was” over and over again quite unabashedly and incessantly. But yes, we would like to mention that 2013 was not the one where calendars seemed passive. It was a year full of a lot of action, drama, gaiety and even loss both at national and international levels in numerous fields. It makes me happy that common man has evolved over the year. He has freed himself from the shackles of rudimentary perspective, made a whole new horizon for himself. He has come out of the closet he has been hiding himself in. No longer does he get cold feet but has the courage of confrontation. Yet, it really saddens me to say that in this process of evolution, many have given in to the predominant sociopath in them. And I think that its apt to quote Dickens now: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

On a hilarious note we saw a full on “dramebaazi” over “maid” maybe it was “maid of honour”? Who knows!! And the paparazzi going crazy at the drop of the twirk oops selfie oops I mean a hat!!

And of course, not to forget mentioning that we have completed the year we thought would never knock on our doors!! (All thanks to Mayan calendars and prophecies). LOL!! We finally bid adieu to 2013 successfully. 

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Are you ready to make some New Year resolutions? To make sure, the ones which could actually be implemented with full honesty. We too are making a resolution with complete conviction this time at least, to make 2014 a milestone year in the journey of our lives by learning from our mistakes, getting over our follies and carrying forward our strengths and success ahead. Not to let the flame burning inside our souls die out of passivity.

I have few generic resolutions coming in my mind too at this point of time:
1    1. Don’t drink and drive! Just drive yourself crazy.
      2Relax but don’t relieve yourself under the roof of the sky.
3. Have faith in God and not in godsmen.
4. Be humans not animals.
      5. On road, let your vehicle indicators do the talking.
      6.  Don’t take every quote written at the back of trucks too literally. Aree bhai dekho par public mein  itne pyaar se bhi nahi!!
      7. I know you all have a lot of “sources” and “resources”; need of the hour is to conserve the resources.
      8. Last but not the least, keep the person you see in the mirror always happy. :)

So enjoy and party hard throughout the year!! Have a great year ahead and Happy New Year!! May you get joy, success and visit us more often.

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