Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GREET ME!!!!!!

A finger is mightier than a sword”. Okay! I have modified the adage only a little – Purani baaton mein thodi ungali toh kar hi sakte hain!! but you can’t blame me. All thanks to evolution for our tiny prized possessions but hats off to the innovative human mind for finger’s random yet so many universal definitions! 

Definitions as per my not so much updated knowledge:                                         

Index Finger:  To pin point the contents of our lives.
Middle Finger: Do I really need to elaborate??
Ring Finger: To show-off how rich and exotic one’s fiancée is.
Little Finger: Angel of pee! Oops! the pinky promises.
Thumb : Boost up/down one’s morale (as required) or ‘Like’ [y].
And not to forget all the texts and e-mails, impossible without fingers! (#Though itching tops my list.)

Times have changed the definition of fingers for me. In my childhood days, my thumb used to be my favourite snack until my mother started applying ‘Red chilli powder’ on it. (Thanks mum for saving my smile!). I still remember how I used to go to the goodie’s shop holding my father’s pyjamas. No verbal communication, only my fingers danced across the glass separating the yummies from me and I got what I wanted, always!! 

Then came the times when these fingers held crayons, pencils, pens; and yes finally a keyboard for this article. Not to forget the times when these were my sole calculator.
I do miss teachers and neighbourhood aunties pulling my cheeks crooning how ‘cute’ I was! (I mean I am). But definitely not the fingers pointing towards me accusingly, reporting my mischief to my father.

Teenage, the fatal attraction age brought its own charm with it and varied definitions from Venus and Mars. Yet, all the fours never ceased to be indistinguishable in case a plate full of chowmein appeared on table or during examinations or in case of high fives or in case when fingers were flashed in the air for those who didn’t care.

Have you ever wondered a life without fingers? They are so very integral part and yet random! How paradoxical and quizzical. 

 Let me share a secret with you. Whenever I see a Blackbird, I cross my fingers uncrossing them only when I see a pair of them to bring myself joy. It may sound childish, but it works. (My fingers have magical powers too!!)

And I write this blog with my fingers crossed (not literally silly) to weave the randomness in my life into words with the hope that I put my finger on the things that matter.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!! :)


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