Monday, September 16, 2013


Oxford Dictionary defines ‘rare’ as: “Something that occurs or happens not often”. “Rarest of the rare” is how everybody (courts, media and common man) defines the 16th December gang rape case.

Is Gang rape really something that “doesn’t happen often”, especially in India? Then my dear, you need to take a look at the facts. According to a survey, a woman is raped every 27 minutes (Oh maa Gosh!!!!). Putting it differently, I can say every nook, corner, village, town, ”global” metro city in India has a dark heart away from all the glitter with a heinous crime taking place at a rate faster than that of increasing CAD or falling rupee. And conviction rate is a big shame!! Hundreds! No! thousands of lives are destroyed by unabashed animals just to show what?? Prove what??

“Rarest of the rare” death sentence has been awarded in this particular case, I marvel, why? Only because this time there was :
RAPE  !!                         REBELLION  !!               RETRIBUTION!!

Or has this “Goddess revering-nation finally come out of its slumber! Sigh!

I believe maligning a human body is a crime irrespective of the fact whether it comes under the defined category or not. Thus, the quantum of the punishment for rape should be as torturous and grotesque as the crime itself in my view.

Everybody was glued to TV screens with a bated breath waiting for the ”judgement” and rejoiced at the outcome. Then, why are there so many girls with stifled cries and silent echoing groans? Why do I still feel insecure on road? Why don’t I venture out freely in public transport after darkness sweeps the streets?

You know why?? Because In our “Rarest of rare nation”, rights are something that do come handy at the time of malefaction. Flipping through the pages of newspapers, I got to know that these hard-core criminals can appeal “SEVEN” more times for an undeserved mercy before facing the hangman's noose. Already with a backlog of millions of cases in courts (which could take multiple years for completion), a quick and a harsh verdict to ensure safety of women is a mere request, a goal without a plan as for now: just a wish, a heartfelt one.

We have always been taught that Yin and Yang complement each other. Yet, there are some diabolic people out to disturb the balance!! Most of the time, the guilty is uneducated, unemployed, unskilled or does petty jobs for his survival. Other reason might be the male ego which could be satiated by this brutal act(how, I don’t understand). I think you would agree that parents can play a major role in saving the minds of their beloved sons from getting warped from childhood itself and instill the fear of dire consequences if they cross the Laxman Rekha.

I would be lying if I say that I hadn’t been hoping for anything less than capital punishment but for now, this momentarily jubilation feels somewhat hollow for this has not deterred or put a full stop to this anathema. Wish to raise not just any one of my itching fingers (You must be knowing!) but the whole palm to those with no conscience. Hope you agree!!

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