Friday, September 13, 2013


India is the world’s largest democracy. True to the word, no one can stop its well-informed citizens (obsessed with Jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai attitude!!) from exercising their rights (forgetting the duties) as per convenience, of course! I believe that “the right to speech”, is the most exercised right , especially by my clan, “The women”, as we are passionate beings concerned by a plethora of topics (No offense!). Discussion about Gen X and Gen Y by the Baby boomers is something I feel everyone has been a part of.

Okay! Okay! Without concocting more stories, here I put my itchy finger on a loud spicy gossip going on between two women (Omniscient would be the adjective they would prefer I guess!) in our beloved Delhi Metro’s first car. Completely strangers yet strangely though, they blamed a pretty decent sophomore’s parents for her dressing sense and style statement giving her furtive glance. Wait! Wasn’t she wearing the same Capri pants and top that you admired onscreen!!

What’s next! Don’t push your brains too hard. Their funny concern was the would-be-moms' ‘baby bump’. Gimme a break! I think these two chatter-boxes were suggesting these delicate women to wear Sack Bags in the name of clothes. They even tried to elicit some positive affirmation by “enlightening” all those present, but were met with a polite but firm reply:”Aunty! These days women chose attire as per occasion and comfort”. Though that only got snorts and ire in response.

I checked my watch. OMG! 20 minutes more before I de-board.
1st thought:  When will this end?
 2nd thought: What are they saying? As the conversation was vibrant enough!
They switched over the topic and now came the turn of sons and daughter-in-laws. One of them was all praises for her four innocent and helping sons out to save dengue infected world by donating blood (applauses!!) but not for the corporate woman and home-maker daughter-in-law who took an entire day to finish the household chores that this super woman could do in a jiffy. I think “A woman can be a woman’s best friend or worst enemy” fits in well here.
Lastly, they shared their sagacious words on to how their octogenarian wealthy mother-in-law should have got the gate pass to hell (Disregarding the Yamdoot’s clock). I must say monetarily, a wise deliberation when stock markets and our dearest Rupee are on a crashing spree.
I could have got more ‘Gyaan’ for you but those ladies de-boarded. Sigh!! Of pain or relief?
Keep wondering!!

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