Sunday, April 1, 2018


Corporate companies have always been in news for their strict work culture and stringent deadlines. Sweden has already moved to a 6-hour working day in a bid to make people more productive and happier. India plans to follow suit and experiment with a similar approach. Labour ministry has been following up on this since few years now and plans to roll out the new laws soon, for both public and private organizations. Apart from reducing the working hours, rumors also revolve around putting a ban on travel time of more than 30-45 minutes for work. Citizens are expected to work remotely in case the travel consumes much of their precious time and makes them ineffective. Furthermore, the pecking order followed in the corporate is also under attack. The government is struggling with lofty unemployment rates. Since surveys attribute high attrition rate to a soured relationship between a boss and a subordinate, its relevance is also under scanner. In addition to this, a bargain to provide services only during sunlight hours is also under discussion.

Popular dailies and newspapers have already published this piece. One of the India’s silicon valley employee’s response read, “I welcome the remarkable consideration by the government for us.” Another breadwinner rejoiced and said “I’ll vote for the ruling party in the upcoming elections. It paid heed to my appalling job condition.”, on anonymity.

People look forward to another reason for cheer apart from hefty salary packages which lures them to the Corporates. 

Before I rest my itchy fingers and you indulge in festivity, I would like to wish you a very Happy April Fool’s Day 2018 with my this write-up 😊. 

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This article is first in the series for #atozchallenge!!


  1. 6 hour days would be amazing, I'm all for it!

    1. Glad you agree with me! :)...Hush! How amazing that would be...


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