Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Do you remember the thread game that involved participation of hands, fingers and some wisdom to straighten it out? I remember how my friend would move the thread in a crisscross fashion enmeshing the fingers into it. If I would win easily, the next level would be even tougher. There would be more coils and more knots to unravel. My thumb and fingers would sway across every kink of the labyrinth to untwine it.

My itchy fingers were always thrilled to play this game at any point of the day and untangle the knots that other’s brain and fingers had fabricated.

I am not sure though if the game still holds equal relevance amidst the jumbled digital arena around us.

There are numerous droids and small quick functionalities around us which aid us in our daily activities in our hectic lifestyle. In a bid to make life easy aren’t they actually putting more kinks in our lives and minds?

Let me begin with a computer. It is becoming the hub of our personal and professional space……errrrrr life.
The folders, files and documents exist with varied names and prefixes like v1, v2….,final,super_final, final_super_final_v1, Updated, final_update and the list follows. The same images with some customization persist with nomenclatures of the likes of for_facebook, for_passport, random, favourites etc. Same emails sent and received range from important to super urgent to very important. I wonder when would I next receive an email or a message only saying a caring “Hi”. The backups range from versions to years to the devices for which the backup exist in multiple folders.

Next, the bug of Cloud storage has bitten us all. From personal pcs now the same information is being replicated on cloud. With IOT sapling also blooming the information is getting bulky. All in all our data is actually getting replicated at many places in coordination with our memory, only to be forgotten in few months with new priorities and data generation.

Hey! Isn’t this situation actually entangling us in a quagmire? I wonder if it would be us only who would unweave ourselves out of this web that we are ourselves spinning or another machine would come for help.

With computers and other machines comes the sedentary lifestyle that we all have become slaves to. The unrealistic and futile deadlines formulated by some of us germinates into mental tensions ultimately arousing the urge to have sweet, spicy and tasty but unwholesome food while sticking to our workplace straining our eyes and to an extent the tamed brains.

Do you think this self generated maze is also waiting to be conquered?

Moreover, I believe that with an explosion of unhealthy competition of shooting pay packages created by well known organisations who boast of employing mightiest brains that are capable of untying errrrr resolving complex puzzles, some of whom are themselves facing legal suites due to misuse of data, the snarl is getting more intricate.

Courtesy : Google Images

Huh! With so many warrens getting created, many on my to-untangle list and only one life, I wish I hold back from falling into these entwines and disentangle the current knots quickly.

This is the 21st post in the series #AtoZChallenge.

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  1. it's a cobweb. Not so easy to untangle. Still I have always given a try

    1. Rightly said Meena. Wish you and me, all the luck to conquer and win over all hiccups! :)


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