Friday, April 6, 2018


"What should I write about today? It should start from “F” though.", I asked my friend.

She irritatingly retorted, "I don’t give a Flying F--k to what you write! I’ve enough on my plate already!"

And then it dawned upon me like my Eureka moment when I got two F’s instead of just one!

But then this phrase has always seemed to confound me.
I think it has grown on me during my “f”ormative years.
It started off with a negative connotation.
Then a commonplace.
And it has now unknowingly become a truism.

That’s my journey or the journey of this phrase itself? Who knows!

Courtesy: Google Images

Some twists are too complicated to untangle, some ciphers are baffling enough to decode. However, the easiest action plan with a guaranteed definite solution is “Google”.
Strange is the journey of this word as well I tell you! Started off as a noun to become a verb, a part and parcel of life, another truism.

Anyhow, I found a plethora of definitions for our phrase of the day by looking it up online.
The definitions I found ranged from a rare African bird to a not-so subtle act of procreation to the one reference I actually think is the common understanding, that is, indifference.
Wikitionary went as far as enriching me with the different forms of the verb.

But it got me thinking!
I realised I do give a f—k!
And no offense, you should too!

How come a word practically non-existent has become an integral part of our lexicon?

Is it because it’s in vogue?

Or is it because we are moving far away from “f”ine to “f”rustrated (read round the clock)?

Or is it the sanctuary for our speechlessness?

A safe haven for the unexpressed?

Or a meaningless emollient for our “f”ailures?

Or is it because we want to be unsusceptible - to people or circumstances, I’m not sure?

Or maybe it’s just an unsuccessful attempt to throw some weight around?

I wonder what it could actually be!

I think it can be used when the silence becomes deafening!
Because “I don’t care” is the biggest euphemism that could exist, in my glossary at least.
Don’t believe me?

Well! Then why are we investing so much creativity into telling the world that “I don’t care”.
Actions can speak way louder than words, especially in the given circumstances.
Why go to such lengths that it nullifies that desired impact!

I think it’s important to give a f—k, at least sometimes.
Because the more we try to “f”ly away from whatever is bothering us, the more it’s going to f—k with our brains.
And it does because it matters!
Now you see the “f”utility of this vicious cycle?

Giving a flying f—k might actually aggravate the situation if not provide a solution.
Giving a f—k, however, may actually free up the pre-occupied mental space.
Which is really necessary if you want “f”reedom, peace of mind.

I "f"eel my itchy fingers are going into the contemplation mode too.
And they will be back with more “food” for thought soon again.

This is the sixth post in the series #AtoZChallenge

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