Monday, April 16, 2018


She smiles, she gleams
With eyes wide open, she dreams.
Pulled out of her mother’s womb, she screams!
Though at every stranger’s smile, she naively beams!

Ignorant of life’s ensuing struggles!
She laughs, she giggles.
She reaches out to the world, her mouth agape;
Unaware of the lurking shadows of human shape!

A little girl of three, she loves toys
Her smile naughty and coy.
She’s is the world’s little bundle of joy.

Dear child! You have a heart pure!
Never get ensnared by a chocolate’s lure!
Cling to your mother’s bosom tight,
As diabolic men are waiting to give you a fright!

She runs around!
Makes chirpy noises aloud!
I wonder why at this blissful sight, her mother cringes
And as she nears the door, her father flinches!
They exchange a nervous glance
But in their hearts they know, she deserves a chance.

A chance at life,
Though full of strife!
Her clipped wings need to flutter,
I wonder why her brother shudders!

I know she can fly high
But every passing moment, I let out a low sigh!
An old mother, my body waiting to dusk,
I cry every time when she doesn’t return home before dusk!

Forever wary, a father proud;
My heart skips a beat when I don’t hear her sound.

My old mother home alone;
My heart aches fearing the things she is prone.
As I entered the house, her eyes shone;
I left office early as the horrid headlines turned my heart to stone.

I scratch my head as the unanswered dances before my eyes:
With my vagina, which religion shares an unbreakable tie?
I lay my head low as I find unworthy takers
Who blatantly ignore God himself, our stories author!

I’m a girl!
Neither a trophy to collect, nor a pearl.
An innocent child but not a game,
You know it outright that you are to blame!
You are a shame
I wonder still why my head hangs in shame!
My body, my soul are my right
Overpowering me is neither just nor right!
I am a woman with brains and beauty
Alas! a victim of your gluttony!
I am an old lady patiently waiting for my end
But I want my breath to leave me in a jiffy when you make me bend!

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With these words, I want to put my itchy fingers to rest as they hurriedly rush towards home. It’s already nightfall and we don’t know what’s in store for them.

Don’t take them wrong as they didn’t want to offend anybody!
Though I’m not sure if you care how much they are offended!

How the thumbed copy of the newspaper gives them a shiver as the crime section slowly crawls into the Sports’ Section.
How they feel offended when nobody takes an offense when somebody calls after them, stares them and chase them across the bright streets and dark alleys, under the Sun and under the starry skies.

Please don’t be offended as my itchy fingers didn’t mean to hurt you. They are busy trying to find out why a perfect stranger twisted them around in the bus or made them quiver with a stubborn gaze or made them wanting to run away with all their might to a safe place which they couldn’t find.

You know what! Let’s try another way out for a change.
For a change, please take offense.

No offense nonetheless. Period.

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  1. Well done Ritu. Your poetry echoes the thoughts in our minds.

    1. Thank you so much Kalpanaa!
      Glad my thoughts could mirror yours.

  2. Good job Ritu, expressed well.


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