Sunday, April 15, 2018


Postman, Postman!!!, shouted a middle-aged man dressed in a khaki dress in my street.
Many kids and old men gathered around him. A father shouted, “Is there a letter from my daughter who is studying in town?”. Another octogenarian person yelled, “Please check if there is any letter from my son living abroad.”

“No! No! I only have one letter today. It is from Ramu’s school. Looks like his result is out”, he said.

“Oh! Please read it for me. I hope he has outshone everyone”, called out Ramu’s father.

“Yes! I can read it for you quickly. I have to go to another place to deliver the letters”, he answered hurriedly.

“This is to inform you that Ramu has failed in the exam and he will have to repeat the 8th standard. Please send him to school from 3rd of April.”, read the Postman.

Before, he could even look up, he was under blows from Ramu’s father which turned him blue in the face. Poor postman couldn’t say a word. 

I couldn’t help myself from suppressing a hearty laughter. And suddenly, I was awaken by a loud beep on my phone. A mail from someone I didn’t even know in my mailbox.

It was a dream. But my subconscious mind had shown me what I heard from my parents long time back.

In my perspective, the meaning of letters, parcels and mails have changed over time. Here comes my opinion in a short poem :

Previously a long wait for a mail
Courtesy : Google Images
Now digital mailbox full of spam mails;
Formerly a hard copy for a mail
Now everything on the fly in the cloud;
Earlier a scented letter
Now a set formatted template;
Once not mere a one-time read
Now even missed and left unread;
A single mailbox for a home 
prior to contemporary many digital mailboxes per person;
Formerly usually a familiar mail sender
Now a plethora of unknown senders;
Previously sole mail marked as urgent
Now all mails are accompanied by an explanation desperate!

I rest my itchy fingers for now, in the hope of receiving a tangible letter and open it by flipping it over and keeping my thumb and fingers occupied.

This is the 13th post in the series #A2ZChallenge.

This post is also for #BlogchatterA2Z -----> 'M'.

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