Thursday, April 19, 2018


Say Cheese!
Look into the camera! Not at me!

And lo! A beautiful moment is captured on the celluloid forever.

From Polaroid cameras to long queues at the esteemed “Kodak” shops, we have come a long way.

Don’t you feel nostalgic when you see the red curtains and the white shoot through umbrellas!
I surely do!
I used to feel like a celebrity with a personal cameraman out there assigned with the supremely important responsibility of taking a perfect click of mine!
Alas! Most of them were to be for some or the other exam that demanded a white background and a sincerely serious me at the fore with a carefully defined numerical frame my face was to fit in!
Printed out in abundance as a cautious measure and never to be used again as they were tad too simple! Duh!

I feel as if the wave of Digitization hit us like a whiff of fresh air and the carefully guarded photo albums were lost in the folds of time.
When you have a round the clock accessible evergreen cloud of your own, who cares for the thumbed yellowing pages of the creative slambooks!
And when you have a chromecast, do you even feel like the need for taking out a print of “the best” pictures of yours!

That’s not it!
You can insert so many filters!
Change the backdrop!
Even blur the surroundings with you being the sole focus of the beautiful or digitally created beautiful image!

That sometimes makes me wonder if the filter could shadow the anger within and accentuate the happiness that could make the onlookers smile for hours.
Courtesy: Google Images
Just like babies! Pure innocence. I could use #nofiltersattached if that could put an emphasis on the point I want to raise here.

I wonder if the filters could hide the deepening dark shades under the eyes turning darker shades due to 24x7 staring at the glaring laptop/mobile screens.

I wonder if the filters could smoothen the deep furrows on the canvas of forehead.

I wonder if the filters could set the upside down smiles right where they should be.

Aren’t my itchy fingers wondering a lot!
Courtesy: Google Images

Or maybe expecting way too much out of humble filters to generate pretentious pictures under the façade of originality!

 Okay! Let my itchy fingers tone down a bit!

I was wondering (yes, again!) if they could work the other way round!

If the filters could expose the negative side and the not so good of the subject of the photograph.
Wouldn’t that be amazing!
We could literally see through our friends, family, acquaintances and even us!
If the flash of the camera could highlight the reality or if I should say #originality to make my point more simplistic and comprehensive.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the “beautification” concept came into being with the advent of Photoshop.
But have you ever wondered in this race of superficiality and the “perfect” DPs (if any such thing exists), where people are using multiple applications at the same time; some to change their skin tone and some to deepen the natural hues around, it’s impossible to conceal one’s true colours.
It’s impossible to set one’s priorities right keeping everything else side. But do you even realize how easy it’s to add bokeh effect to pictures to focus on the desired.

We have come a long way from Film cameras to photoshop to filters and what not.
And then we post trending pictures with #nofiltersattahed!

My itchy fingers would like to your leave at this note.
Wait for them. They will be back soon with more “food for thought”.

This is the 16th post in the series #AtoZChallenge.

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  1. Very thoughtful questions Ritu. You've thought about it a lot.

  2. Thank you Kalpanaa!
    These thoughts had been running at the back of my mind for a long time.

  3. Good thoughts, relevant to present time but very few have time to think about them.


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