Monday, April 9, 2018


An object of fantasy that has kept numerous historians hooked for ages!
Some say it’s the chalice Jesus had his last drink from!
Some believe it to be a magical object with healing powers!
Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code equates this to the womb from where Jesus’ bloodline, his child, came to life.
And some theories revolve around mythical stories and numerous assumptions!

My rendezvous with this mysterious object was via Dan Brown’s popular novel itself. And the moment I read about it, the grail’s enigma never ceased to amaze me!

A relic or a myth?
A fantasy or reality?
A question that has been puzzling the greatest minds for centuries!

And then, it hit me like a flash?
Isn’t our whole life like this?

We have been searching who we really are?
Let’s start from the macro level:
Our origins can be summarized in a bundle of conflicting theories!
Some revolving around Evolution while some outrightly rejecting it!
Our future seems like a puff of smoke, a haze!
Whether this planet will still be ours or not?
Whether we’ll establish our footprint on some other habitable regions in the cosmos or will be reduced to a tiny speck into oblivion?

And if we drill down further, isn’t each of us grappling with some unanswered questions whose solution always seem out of our reach. It’s like groping in the dark!
Why did this happen to me?
How did I even fell into this spot?
Am I going to make out of it with my head held high?
What’s the next adventure that awaits me?
I’m still trying to figure out the alignment of stars that day that turned me into a superstar!

I feel as if we are all trying to find our very own “holy grail” to untangle the mysteries of our lives
And I think I have decoded the solution to the million dollar question of “How and where to find it?”
It’s very simple.
I think it is based on four pillars, namely:
1.    Faith
2.    Self-confidence
3.    Strength
4.    Optimism

How do you think the chalice exists?
                                                                                                                                                                  The faith and true belief of the researchers made sure that it never fades into the pages of history.
Their self-confidence and optimism to find it made it seem real (I’m not denying it’s existence).
We don’t know if it exists or not or anything about its whereabouts!
And I have no clue if we could even verify that this is the specific cup Jesus had his drink from!

If we think logically, it’s a commonly used object.
But then the faith, the belief in it’s healing power or religious importance made it special!

Are you getting the point?
Courtesy: Google Images
If such a small thing can be so special for millions; how special would you and I be, being able bodied and having a sound mind and good health.
We can do wonders if we believe in ourselves.
Keeping self motivated in despairing times can seem like a mammoth task but then don’t you think that the adversities that befall us are never beyond our control?
They may break us but never rip us apart.
Mental Strength can create wonders not possible with the might of a herd of elephants!

So, all we need:
Faith: To keep us going
Self-confidence: To rise and shine when our moment of glory knocks on our doorstep
Strength: To hold us together in rough patches and push harder in good times
Optimism: To hope for the best

Because those who think they can, they will.
Otherwise, it’s all left to time’s will!
Which my dear friends, I’m not too sure of.

Lately, my itchy fingers too have been grappling with questions of self-doubt and future course of action. Hopefully, now they have a beginning to begin.

Do let me know about your quests in search of the holy grail of your lives!

This is the eighth post in the series of #AtoZChallenge


  1. I'm reminded of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - where they have to select the "real" holy grail... and it turned out to be a very simple little cup. Normal, everyday, and yet look what has come from it.

    Happy A-Z'ing. :-)

  2. Thank You so much!
    Glad you liked it. :)

  3. The image" SOMEDAYS you Just have To create your own SUNSHINE" says all. You selected very appropriate image.


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