Saturday, April 7, 2018


I’ll write about the new love of my life today.

Svelte, long narrow neck, delicate waist adorning a rosette, clips over the head and offering a soothing sound the moment I sway my fingers over it. Certainly, there are strings attached in this nouveau association.  
Hey! I am not objectifying anyone, I am talking about my mellifluous musical instrument – An acoustic Guitar. Let me rephrase!! 😊

My Guitar consists of a hollow wooden body with six strings attached over it along a narrow neck. The tuning pegs over the head keep the sound in accordance with the notes. The frets on the fretboard guide me to find a particular note and alter the pitch at which the string sounds. The strings run over the saddle before being tied to the bridge on the body. It has a round sound hole decorated by a rosette. Basically, an ultimate tranquility only builds up when I pluck the strings using a plectrum and its sound resonates across the hearts. 

Lately, I have been reading about this euphonious instrument and came across some interesting facts which I would be enlisting here: 
  1. The English word Guitar, the German gitarre and the French guitare were adopted from the Spanish word guitarra. 
  2. Spanish guitarist Antonio Torres Jurado is known to establish the look of modern guitar. 
  3. Names of ancient guitars – Gitarre, Chitara, Kithara, Sithar, Gutarra, quitare, qitara. 
  4. A guitar is built and repaired by a Luthier.
Courtesy : Google Images
The fascination with guitar was felt the most when I came across an article about a Guitar shaped 450-foot-tall hotel to be unveiled in Florida in 2019. It would have more than 600 rooms, 41,000-square-foot spa and a few restaurants. At the tower’s base, guests can swim underneath waterfalls in plunge pools, relax in private cabanas, and partake in water sports in a giant artificial lake.

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Another marvel exists at Austin airport, the musical-themed illuminated guitar-shaped bus shelter for CapMetro.


Last but not the least, a heartfelt salute to the guitar made of 7,000 living trees by farmer Pedro Martin Ureta and his four children as a tribute to Ureta's late wife, Graciela Yraizoz. Due to his fear of flying, he has only seen aerial images shared by his friends and NASA’s Terra satellite. Moreover, he believes his wife from heavens is also enchanted. 

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Wonderful ways indeed to showcase the guitar.

Before I soothe my neurons with my Guitar chords and my itchy fingers get busy strumming the strings, I leave you to share more facts about this musical instrument.

This is the seventh post in the series #AtoZChallenge.


  1. I love the guitar too. Although I've finally learnt most of the chords (including barre chords), I'm yet to come to terms with the hammer-ons, tabs and other variations. I think I can pull off playing quite a few songs (Youtube zindabad). But how I wish I had even a fraction of the talent of the guitarists I adore.

    Lovely post! I did not know about this hotel.

    Scripted In Sanity

    1. That sounds amazing. I am in my learning stage though, struggling with the barre chords :)..... Long way to go before I learn it with perfection. The hotel images captivated me so thought of penning it down! Thanks for striking the chords here :)


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