Friday, April 27, 2018


“Ma'am, I do not get a chance to collaborate with my peers who gel very well amongst themselves over liqour errrr whiskey!”, complained my colleague in an office seminar on collaboration.

“Well, you do not need to smoke or drink, i.e., use third party agents to get along with the colleagues or bosses!”, replied the speaker.

Listening to this, I saw a spark in the eyes of few of my colleagues. I wonder what went through their minds but I also know from friends that drinking whiskey is their way to vent out negative feelings and be real. I wonder if being real when every body is actually high makes sense. 

But this takes me back to college courtyards and parties which were accessorized with whiskey. Some of my dear friends tripping after a few shots and others competing for a few more pegs. Some working on the ice cubes and others cheering upon some useless but integral topic of that moment. While not to forget few who were always busy maintaining the stats of over-drunk friends and count of the pukes too….eeewwww….I know!

But yes, whether it was a joyous moment or a sad one, whiskey became the saviour of my friends which allowed them to blabber their heart out.

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My itchy fingers couldn't ever understand the joy my companions felt after being high on the water of life aka Whisky/Rum/Beer/Vodka and what not. However, they are now busy swaying in the celebratory music of full participation in #A2ZChallenge. Almost there!

This is the 23rd post in the series #AtoZChallenge.
This post is also for #BlogchatterA2Z ------> 'W'.


  1. You might find this funny, but I somehow sneak away from groups indulging in alcohol. The topics of conversation tend to veer towards awkward territory and they expect you to get candid :p

    Nice post.

    Scripted In Sanity

    1. Yes, high and candid at the same time!! Thanks for stopping by :)


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