Thursday, April 5, 2018


To err is human, to forgive divine.
According to me, this adage is soon going to be restyled to: “To err is machines, to acclimatize is human

Considering the number of technology colleges springing around the globe, the number of engineers being manufactured is vast. These engineers have delivered numerous machines till date and the population of these gizmos is going to multiply on a large-scale. Nevertheless, the errors and the corresponding error codes are also going to increase manifolds.

I am not talking about machines committing mistakes on their own due to wear and tear. I am pondering about the human errors instilled into their brain child – the software of the machines at work. Not to forget the quality check experts; another set of engineers who sometimes miss out on miscalculated and unforeseen errors. Once these gaffes are induced and propagated into the system, apart from dollar loss, they could impact droid-smitten homo sapiens negatively.

One of the common and colourful errors that we encounter while surfing the web includes “Page not found, Error code: 404”, signifying the inability to locate a resource and a futile attempt at pacification with funny cartoons. It has no adverse effect but only sends us on a lookout to another page.

A few days back, I was wondering on few errors that could turn out to be unfavourable for us.
A Remote control which comes as an ally to almost every appliance is turning smarter with every new version. What if it might interfere with human memory and distraught the signals sent to the brain?
A tread mill in association with a Fitbit and a smart phone might force me to run more sensing the fat in my body but missing out on my pulse rate and mood.
A follower suitcase or self driving vehicles might start following incorrect paths in accordance with digital maps gone haywire due to congested roads.
A word of caution for identical twins bewitched by facial recognition devices. Moreover, if I take into account the existence of six doppelganger for everyone out there, I am compelled to keep my fingers crossed.
Last on my list are the recommendation engines running behind everything I pursue ranging from my subject selection for studies to a shopping list. I agree with technologists that it is an aid to my choice basis my interests but isn’t it making me dumb and too dependent on someone to tell me what to do rather than doing it on my own? I leave you to mull over this functional error in the making.

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As I rest my itchy fingers thinking about all the mistakes in my notebook marked in red by my teachers in my childhood days, I wish a preceptor points out the budding tech errors soon.

This is the fifth post in the series #AtoZChallenge.

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