Saturday, April 21, 2018


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Look! Look!
Look out of the window! Seriously! You can’t see it?
Just go outside and make it fast! Otherwise, you’ll miss the Rainbow!
A beautiful spectrum made by tiny, pure and innocent raindrops! A natural wonder, soothing to the eyes!

Courtesy: Google Images

We all know the Science behind the splitting of visible part of the Sun’s radiation into the spectrum we call Rainbow!
And how the Sun has to shine from the back with the mighty rain ahead of us for this natural wonder to come into being!

But do you realize that we really have to get out of the comfort of our home “sweet home” to catch a glimpse of this wonder and appreciate its beauty.
All it takes is the sweat of perseverance and the tears of joy and sorrow alike to split the colours of life and make us realize their existence.

Don’t believe me!? Okay! Let my itchy fingers write about “VIBGYOR” from their perspective.

Who can tell you better about Red, the colour of fire and blood, than the people living along the borders whose lives are caught in cross fire. Who can tell it better than the refugees whose whole lives are underlined by red, that is, danger. I think maybe another Red, that is, Power is the origin of all the turmoil. (They don’t say “Power is Power” just to make a statement if you know what I mean). And others understand Red when passion, aggression and sensitivity pursue them when they leave their nests to chase their dreams.

I think the blue seas and the skies can best underline depth and stability. Do you realise we can’t see the clear blues anymore because of smoke and haze and always feel the pinch of uncertainty and vulnerability which brings out the depth of blues in terms of sadness and depression which have become a commonplace now. My itchy fingers feel attracted to the blues of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intellect and of course, champion the Monday blues on a weekly basis.

We all start our days with the yellow sunshine with the promise of a new day and leaving up to us whether to make it blue or yellow. For my itchy fingers, yellow means the warmth of near and dear ones, cheer and joy when they feel free and mental stimulation they find in the yellowing pages of books.

I think nobody can epitomise orange, a combination of the energy of red and happiness of yellow better than a baby!
Maybe we all feel the same when we tick off any item from our bucket list. Who knows maybe the angry mob might have the same feeling when they set a school bus on fire. Who knows?

Who can tell us better about the Greens than a farmer whose parched eyes well up with tears when the nature blesses him. I feel the colour green can be used to signify a desperate call for help as the depleting forests and melting glaciers have a horrific tale to tell. I feel that motivation should be signified by green as money gleams green. My itchy fingers wonder why jealousy is green when green can mean harmony also. Ironical. Isn’t it?

My itchy fingers feel that Violet should be made the colour of the year or the century for it signifies inspiration, imagination, individuality and spirituality. Why not? With so many people breaking free of the corporate to start their “own thing” with a thirst to prove themselves, numerous others renouncing their well-paid jobs to say, run a tea stall or become a monk and with the various spiritual centers coming into being and being promoted by corporates as well, don’t you feel my itchy fingers are justified in their request?

Or maybe, we could give Indigo also some significant status in the century as it also represents devotion and spirituality being a combination of blue and violet.

My itchy fingers would like to take your leave at this rather colourful note.

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  1. My itchy fingers wonder why jealousy is green when green can mean harmony also. Ironical. Isn’t it?

    Well said.


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