Sunday, April 22, 2018


“Did you look at the sky today morning?”, I asked my colleague at office who was engrossed in his laptop. 
Courtesy : Itchy Fingers

“What’s special up there? Were there early morning fireworks? The sky is super-grey these days already.”, he responded sarcastically.

I just showed him an image on my phone which left him agape.

I am not sure if he was surprised of my picture editing capabilities or the real beauty itself left him astonished. 

Many a times, I wonder that we go to a theater, a planetarium or artificial sites to catch a glimpse of mighty nature. But sometimes when it is in front of us, we give it a miss midst our humdrum routines. Recently, during a jog in the park in early hours, I witnessed a spectacular sky show with a dance of colourful clouds which were lit in different shades of white, blue, grey and yellow by the glowing bulb, the energetic Sun. 

Courtesy : Itchy Fingers
With a football game on in vicinity, muscles getting pumped up by rigorous exercise, street dogs barking and frightening the meek tamed ones, a silent show unfolded in firmament. I sat on a bench in the center of the garden with my eyes affixed above. My memory unfolded to take me back to the school Science class trying to distinguish between Stratocumulus and Altocumulus. Huh! Is the terminology still azure in your minds? 

My brain also echoed a kindergarten story of envious clouds and the Sun who in a bid to show their power tried to outdo each other. 

Courtesy : Itchy Fingers
Finally, I wondered if it was a show of bezzies up in the sky. Both trying to compete and eclipse the other. But in reality, the sheen only increased. The clouds when fully sleeved the Sun, they shone so bright and white as if creating a vision of vault to the heaven. If at all the clouds neared the Sun, the rays spread across vibrantly like a goblet of fire at its full swing. My eyes and heart never felt the same soothing feeling in the absence of either of them.

It only made me reminiscent of my friends whom I do not meet very often nowadays. We always competed, fighting even for a single mark with the challenge to outperform in the next exam. We bunked classes only to stick together and study late nights for exams. We were recognized in academia not only because of our intelligence but also for always hanging out together.
We always stayed together in groups just like the clouds and each of us had his or her moment at some point just like the Sun.

On this note, my itchy fingers would like to sign-off as they are getting restless to call up long forgotten friends.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Shilpa. Lovely write up. A healthy competition among friends is always rewarding, the one that maintains friendship and motivation to push the limits.

    1. Thanks Shesha Di. Glad to know you liked it. Yes, friendship is beautiful :)

  2. Very lovely images of the sun with the silver lining of the grey cloud.

    1. Thanks Kalpanaa. The beauty of clouds and sun playing hide-and-seek is always mesmerizing. :)


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