Monday, April 2, 2018


The world is expanding. It really is! Not the impact of global warming though but the impact of perspective.

Don’t believe me? Well, I can’t take you globetrotting but yes, on an expedition into my expanding world.


Well! My world started off from my mother’s womb, an impregnable treasure my mum kept hidden from the penetrating gaze of the entire world and kept safe in her loving arms afterwards. I cried, no howled, when the doctors separated me from the cord that tied me to my mum! But my eyes and smile and not to mention, the tummy grew bigger with each passing day as each day brought a new wonder to me!

In a few years, my world expanded with the school being a stepping stone in my journey. A journey into literacy, education, competency and friendships. I did pretty well considering the silent sobs that had accompanied me to the school!

And then there was no looking back. Going through a journey into grad school, post grad school and job. It’s unbelievable as to how my world morphed its dimensions! In the three phases of my journey, I got three adjectives too! From a “day scholar” to a “hosteler” to a “new girl in the city”.

However, the pattern stayed the same. The winds of change were greeted by apprehension and reluctance and finally giving into the flow of the winds.

My perspective, however, changed when I said yes to the world when I moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai. Not India’s or the world’s, but “my city of dreams”!

A city that gave me freedom and bestowed upon me the experiences that shaped the contours of my thought process by deleting the boundaries and changing the way I see the world, the dynamics of it and guess what! It never stayed the same.

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Walking on the beach made me realize that life is like walking on a beach, you have to find a strong footing or a small wave is enough to sweep you away. 
Sitting on the Marine Drive amongst the calm crowds made me realize the importance of individuality and isolation at the same time, strangely though!
A hectic work life made me realize the importance of work-life balance or rather life-work balance and the importance of prioritizing life over work for work is a chapter in life and not the other way around.
I fathomed the importance of leaving the shackling baggage behind when a chirpy super-enthusiastic roomie graced me with her presence.
I learnt the art of unleashing the baggage by flushing it all out of the system with scrumptious meal, good company, soothing music accompanied by endless chatter and laughter after a hard day at work.
I learnt to trust when a stranger running for his train stopped and escorted me to the correct platform as I found myself horribly confused in the labyrinth of platforms amidst jostling crowds.
I learnt the beauty of space when I saw how people accommodate others in their small spaces and are mindful enough to respect the personal space of the other.
I absorbed the beauty of lending a hand when I found myself in deep gratitude for a person who delivered medicines at the doorstep of my hotel because I was a guest in his province.
I didn’t change, neither did the world. However, it’s frontiers did. My perspective’s frontiers did. I became open minded to new situations and new people in my life. That doesn’t imply being completely casual or reckless but being open to the existence of good people and fortuitous circumstances. In a nutshell, I have started to love the World around me.
I thought I had moved a bit closer to the horizon!
But lo! It has moved along with me to a greater distance for further exploration. But I can fathom the same with travel which involves new destinations, new people and numerous novel enriching experiences.

This article is 2nd in the series for AtoZChallenge.

And an ingression of my itchy fingers into the flight of Lufthansa,

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  1. Very well written.. Very exprrssive.. Can feel the same flow and energy throughout!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You Nandhini
      Glad you liked the expression of my journey :)

  3. It felt like an experience while going from beginning to the end of the article.
    Great expressions Ritu! Keep it going.

  4. Nice beginning Ritu. It is great quality to absorb changes around you.


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