Wednesday, April 11, 2018


When did you sleep last night?
Partying hard bro!?
I don’t know if that was a question, statement or exclamation.
But I do know that you don’t care whether I was studying, prepping for today’s meeting, was taking care of an ailing pet or had a blocked nose!

When did you reach office today?
So early considering you slept late!!
Trying to impress your bosses!? Or want to leave early for another party tonight. Huh!?
I am still unsure about why and how to answer your question.
But I do know that you don’t care if I had a deliverable/meeting, am particular about punctuality or if it’s actually my inflexible work timings!

You are wearing such a dark shade today!
Are you sad!?
Did you even realise that it could be my favourite colour, the outfit recommended by my mum for today or the last nice and clean pair left out of my laundry bag?

Who has salads only in lunch?
Dieting! Huh!?
I have an upset stomach. Period.

Show me the pictures of your trip.
Why are you standing away from your father in each snap? Don’t you to get along well or what?
I know you have no idea how short I feel standing next to my dad and the exact opposite when I stand alongside my not-so-tall mother. And you never will!

You don’t drink!?
You have no clue how to enjoy!
You drink!?
I thought you to be a “good” person!
I choose not to answer.

Don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend!?
You are missing out on life!
You have a girlfriend/boyfriend?!
I never expected you to be so fast in life!
I’m still thinking whether to answer your question/exclamatory statement or not.

You like trekking?
I thought you like to take care of your skin, your nails and your, well, dainty “girly” self!
First of all, “dainty” traverses a very thin line of interpretation.
And is trekking stopping me from doing any of these?
Or do you even realise the sense of sheer joy or achievement that surrounds me when I scale a new height?

You listen to slow music.
How sad are you in life!?
You enjoy EDM!
I was right! You are one of those “trippy” people!
But I’m not sure which sound of music will resonate with your thought process!

You read?
Oh! You are one of those introvert types?!
Well! Just an FYI! I go to Book club meetings, blog, attend conferences and what not.

And do you…..

Courtesy: Google Images
Do you ever stop?
You are always ready with a volley of questions to shoot my way whenever I see you!

Who are you?
A relative, a friend, a colleague or a perfect stranger with his/her own perfect imperfections or simply Google?
I used to think that somebody will ask my “full’ name to judge my religion, my professional life to judge my educational certifications and my mannerisms to issue the character certificate for my parents.
But I don’t know whether fortunately or unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at that.
You are always ready to judge me with my slightest possible innocent gesture.
Aren’t you tired by judging me all the time without actually understanding me knowing me.
Do you realise that every day is different and so are my moods?
I could be on cloud nine today or waiting for the Earth to open up and swallow me whole!
Or for that matter to swallow you whole!

I think this is exactly much you can take at a time.
We’ll talk more, that is, I’ll talk and you’ll listen more when you stop and absorb how I’m doing in response to your nonchalant “howdy”.

With these words, I would like to rest my itchy fingers as they want to …..
Wait! Why should I tell you if you are going to judge me for it?

This article is the tenth in the series of #AtoZChallenge


  1. I like the way you used the examples, we are all guilty of forming judgements about people all the time, when we shouldn't.

    1. Thank You so much!Glad you found it relatable.

  2. Ha ha lovely poem ... its a bit of a rant, the humor and intent is great though. We are all guilty of judging and victims of it as well ... need to check ourselves.

    1. Thank You so much Seema!
      I agree that being judgemental and being judged are taking up a lot of mental space these days.

  3. Are you feeling good after reading my comment here?
    Never expected! Huh?

    You must be feeling bad about what I am commenting here?
    Nope. I am just trying to be 'Ritu Garg' ;)

    Well, You wrote this on day of my birthday!

  4. Most of us fall in both categories. Your article reminds me what a waste of time to judge anyone.


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